Testimony 2

” Mom, whatever happens to me, do not worry at all” That was the last sentence he uttered before he hung up the phone.

It was a long conversation,  a conversation about how God helps my son, John , to be a “Fisher of men”  He was telling about a particular person who was the member of “Church of England,” that he was invited by him to his palace like home. He showed all that royal crockery, and utensils, and furniture which was the ancestor property of his late wife who was the queen of Jaipur , India. He gifted a wonderful antique Bible to my son, and started to come to the Living Bible Church where my son takes an active part in it. He wanted to take Baptism and asked his Bishop why he never told him that Jesus Christ is the only Lord God, why should they worship His mother , Mary, etc. As a result he was excommunicated and was followed by their knights, and kings very closely.

The day my son phoned me, there was king who looked so ferocious, walking behind my son for long time. That was that information , John has given me and left in oblique . I was left in utter darkness of mystery, and anxiety. I am such a sensitive and SENT–MENTAL person, who takes every little tiny detail of my children’s lives to my heart.

The last sentence or the very first sentence “Mom wahtever happens to me, do not worry at all” left me with a great thud of hammer on my fearful heart.

I knelt down immediatly and as usual stretched my arms on my bed and poured out my heart with unutterable anquish crys, and tears,  all the pent-up emotions and suffering  gushed out as valcono and no soul in the sight could console me for an hour or two.  Whole night I could not sleep, My heart was shouting along with King David , as he was wailing fo r his son ABsalome, ” o my son Absalome O my son Absalome”  I cried aloud o my son John Babu O my son John babu”  and pleaded for the safety of his being and of his spiritural life.

I did not sleep that night, my soul was groaning and sighing as if the whole world is tumbling down, such was my agony in the presence of my loving and living God. I caught hold of His feet , and slumbered into sleep at the early hours of my day..

The next morning, was a strange morning for me , for I refused to be comforted. My tears were flowing unceasingly, may be this angusishness of my soul is due to the all the problems  my children face in different and distant foreign countries, I know what all suffering my son was undergoing, he worked for long hours in different situations, he is undergoing great stress to lead his life normally.  I , as his mother could not help him any way because he himself choose this present path of life. At the same time this heart of mother, could not pacify with any sort of balm as this burden for his safety physically and spirtually is greater than that i could bear.

The next morning when i knelt down, I cried again, Lord , I am alone, and lonely grinding the grapes …. all by self, I have prayer partner, to pray along with me sharing my agony for my chldren,  you have taken my prayer partner, now who is there to pray along with me sharing my sorrow for my children, There is no end for my ears, no end of r the cry of my heart. I do not remember whether i prepared the breakfast or not… but by 10 :30 am I got a phone call from one of my elderly church member, who is 78 years old woman, Vanajakshi aunty asking me to join a little prayer group in one of the church members ‘ house. She asked me to join them at least by 12 o clock. So I went there, and saw a few young women who were praying earnestly. I never knew that these young women would pray so earnestly.   out of 10 women 7 of them are widows and their prayer was so wonderful, Immediatly after a few minutes, I was relaxed and felt the presence of God, The same aunty who invited me to this prayer group asked me to share the word of God for a few minutes . I opened the Bible and found Jesus words about “praying weepiing how a poor widow goes to an unjustfull l judge for justice, again and again … and ultimately how that unjustful judge also could do justice to that poor widow, ….. this was a great solace to my heart first. The has Lord given me  this message of praying without any doubt.    Later our Pastor Peethala Srinivas Garu came and asked us to read word of God from the b

Bible , Luke 8:40-50   the  verse 50th one caught hold of me”Do not be afraid only believe ..”

I shared my burden about John babu about  and also about Fred” excommunication 1 those people called Free masons, Church of England, Royalty , King, Knight, Arch Bishop,John’s pastor, and his church, etc.

Mrs lalitha samuel filled with Holy spirit, prayed I heard your prayer, I am amongst you, Donot be afraide, Just believe in me.

I was vey much consoled all my tears drained at once. God was talking to me. With light heart I left the place.

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Hello All! I am a retired Lecturer, Former Air Hostesses, and a writer. I love to share MY STORIES, WITH MY GOD.

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