That picture of my dad and me sitting in his lap with a heavy book in my lap could never be forgotten. Dad used to bring small little english books to me and he used to insist me to read them or he used to read for me. This book was “Lifco English and telugu Dictionary”
He taught me how to find the meaning of new words in this magic book. He turned to the last page of the book and read a chapter on it. It was about the manners of speaking. The title is “Principles of talking” something like that. Now I do not clearly remember. But the content of the article i never forget, because I used to teach this to my students all ways.
1. What we are talking
2 Where we are talking
3 When we are talking
4 How we are talking
5 with Whom we are talking
These 5 Ws should all ways be in our mind when we open our mouth to talk.
This he taught me in my young age. I was all ways opening that little book and used to ponder over that subject, though I was not ready to read it by self at that tender age.
He brought me another book when I was in 10th class, that is about the Simple physical exercise. The title of the book was ” Keeping Fit” I was crazy about those exercises, especailly about the slim waist, those days.
In my P U c class he got one wonderful book, by name “The wonders of the World” . This book is still with me. In those days when computers were not there, books were the source of knowldge to us. The interest in the books was initiated by my dad. I was telling about one aunty Kanthamma. Vipparthi. she used to have one brother, namely Raju Vipparthi, he used to write good english letters to my dad, I still remember once my dad made me to learn it by heart, the whole letter.It was in my 9th class. Because Dad was all ways insisting that by learning by heart we will improve our language. I owe to my dad so much. This uncle once he came to visit my parents when I was in PUC he took me to books shop and bought some books of my choice. One of the books I never can forget, it was “Animal Farm” which is still with me. I have another uncle who is the husband of my maternal aunty, that is my mother’s youngest sister. This uncle also once took me when I was in B.A to Khoti in Hyderabad, and asked me what do I want to buy, I told him I want to buy some second hand books. So he bought a big heap of books, they were English novels, of Denise Robbins,Pearl.S.Buck, A.J Cronin, Lloyd Douglas, James Chase. As I did my B.A with Telugu literature I has had full command on Telugu language, so I was also reading many books all the time. Books were my friends, all ways, right from my childhood. Those were introduced to me my mom and dad. Dad never used to read novels, but mom used to read so I too was reading some monthly magazines along with her, along with Chandamama, children magazine every month. when I come to know of Jesus my personal Savior, the biographies of the missionaries became my food and drink. we used to spend a lot of money to purchase books. instead of clothes or jewellery, In fact we used to spend only a little for those. Isobel Khun, books, namely By searching, In the Arena, Green Leaf in drought time, and many other books are my favorites. Richard Wumbrand books Tortured for Christ, God’s underground church widened my vision of spiritual life. I used to think, how can I live without reading a new book every day. Books are my friends, my solace and my comfort. Among the general books Readers’ Digest has been my sole friend.
In fact it has rescued me in life’s crisis of mine too. and it was miracle in my life.about the spiritual magazines, Guide Posts were my meat and drink for a long long time. God was giving me the right book in right occasions. Bible is like honeycomb for me. Because God answeres me very clearly to the questions I ask Him. Some times when He answer me thus, I become fully contented and could not proceed furthur, it would be like I have taken a glass of honey, and cannot take further. Only after a while I will go for that nectar again, after a clear gap period of time

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Hello All! I am a retired Lecturer, Former Air Hostesses, and a writer. I love to share MY STORIES, WITH MY GOD.

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