In Vizag I was three years old, we used to have Nawab, a muslim constable as an attender at home, specially to take care of me. I was his real pet, he used to take care of me very well, I still remember him so much for I used to call him Naabu, he used to bring the smallest bottles of Aththar, sweet scent bottles for my dad. Once he took me to the photo studio and took a photo of me, on a wooden horse, that photo is still with me now. later when i get older, and when i got the job as Lecturer in Eluru, i went to Rajahmundry to see Nawab in his police quarters. He became so old, and still remember me. In those days, the police departments was under the purview of the Britishers, still, we used to stay in a Big bungalow, my father was Police Sub Inspector then, they used to call him as Sargent, In those days they used to wear short khaki knickers as pants and one constable used to come early morning to help my dad to dress for the morning marching in the police parade ground. The whole ground was green pastured in those days, with white wo.oden fencing, around the house. The same sort of fencing now I see in America. We bought a small iron machine from the Britishers which is a minute size of the machines where in we keep rice or wheat, or coffee seeds to make Ravva, or flour by fixing the machine to the door. That machine is still we us. though we are not using it now thereby it got rusted. I used to pose as the top actress Anjali Devi of those days, and say to my dad, “Nanna, i am anjali devi, and used to dance with the song in anarkali ” Jeevithame safalamu.” and another song, ” konda meedha kokkirai, kaalu jaari kuli poye, kokko kokko.” we used to go to cine hall and sit in reserved boxes to see the cinema. when I get sleep my dad used to take me out for some air, or rub his two palms so hard and make them warm and put them on my eye lids, to evade the sleep. This much only I remember in my three years old

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Hello All! I am a retired Lecturer, Former Air Hostesses, and a writer. I love to share MY STORIES, WITH MY GOD.

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