God was preparing me to stand for the Lord, and not to trust in the money god, or Mammon, from the very first year of my job as a lecturer, I was writing all those wonderful stories in the previous 5 parts under the heading now this is the 6th part, of those series. May of us are under the impression that taking bribe is drastically a sin because it shows the greediness of the man, but what about giving bribe, most of us think its inevitable, and it is a way of life, and especially in India, nothing can be done in the offices unless we give bribe, and so many think there is no problem if we give bribe as a ‘gift’ or do something for those bribers, even if it is out of way… to get things to be done.

But beware friends, God sees the heart, John 2:25 No one need to testify to Jesus , Christ knows what is in the heart of man without any external evidence.. ” He did not need any testimony about mankind; for He knew what was in each person..” He knows whether You trust in His mighty power to do things for you, or you believe that your might, your power your trust in money will do things for you… Though it looks as a trivial thing, in everyday life it reflects our faith.. our trust our righteousness, We cannot serve God and mammon .. admired , trusted in, and worshipped as if they were god for no one can serve two masters… you can serve both God and money….. Abraham trusted God and it was considered as righteousness….Trusting God that He would do any thing, change the minds of the bribers is one such thing, but if in stead if we think that the money in the vallet will do that work … God sees even that. Whether we are in group or alone, whether our files are along with others or solely on the table of the briber, can we trust in a God who is all powerful or trust Him alone?

Here comes the test … very stealthily, its not a test like Joseph got, or Daniel and his friends got, but its undercover, we think we have to give because they are going our work, we conviniently for get that its their job to do our work and Governemnt is paying their salaries for that work… and we think we are obliged to pay extra money for the briber is expecting for his extra work, in fact its not extra work, its his work , he has to do, he will give a pose that he is working for us alone and demand a gift.. which in other words nothing but bribe… so when one sits and think about this keenly in the presence of God , one has to answer to God … whether he believes in God or the money in his wallet. !
so while we purchased the house at the time of registration, I was challenged by the staff that I cannot escape from giving the bribe in the registrar office, But God spoke to me through the verse ” Is the Lord’s power limited?” Numbers 11:25 ….Even at the time of getting Muncipal tap water, or electricity to the house God wrought miracles and helped us to get things done without giving a single pie as the bribe.

Now after I was retired, in the year 2010, I need to get my pension, I got terrible fever and chickngunea and suffering a lot… my papers were in DHE ( Deputy Higher Education ) office and they say in college unless I pay the bribe the DHE office people never work out the pension and never release it in time. The office clerk Ms V was pestering me to give away Rs. 10000/- as bribe and that she will look after everything thereafter. As the office staff and even the new principal Sr. T C knew that I would not give the bribe, as a matter of fact told me that I need to give that amount, or otherwise my papers would be set aside along with the other 3 or 4 lecturers who were retiring that season. I bluntly told them ‘ I will not give even one single pie.. and its your duty to send the service register and the pension papers to DHE office. I was also told once the papers moved to AG office every thing will be on computer visible to every one to know the process of work out, so if the work in DHE office is over half work is over.

so the clerk v one day called me on phone and told me that my pension application papers were returned back from DHE office. Not knowing what was all that about I went and met her. She told me,’ Mam, in your Service register its written that you were given post as Lecturer from 1976 but DHE office says, there were no posts of Lecturer at that time only Jr Lecturer posts were there.” I said , but as there was no Social work Subject at Intermediate level I was not posted with intermediate Board but with UGC from the very beginning so you cannot say that I was jr Lecturer at the time of my posting. She said,’ I do not know mam, there is a GO which says that all who were posted in that year were considered jr Lecturers for three years, and thereby your service as Lecturer will be cut of those three years. It means you cannot meet the required years for full pension, and your emoluments after the retirement also will be lessen to half”
I said, if it is so give me those GO orders for further enquiry, and I want to apply again with my own explanation, through the Principal. ” With that I requested principal to sign the requisition letter on my behalf, but she called Miss V to the office and asked her in front of me is there any other way to solve this problemDHE office and we will try to change the year 1976 appointment as Lecturer, and she can escape the retrenchment of three years of service..for counting the pension. I knew these people are dancing to the tune of the bribers there in the DHE office and trying to fool me, what they were talking is absurd, I was shocked to hear Principal T also asking me to give away the bribe. I told her and Miss V, all this look like a planned thing for me, and how dare are those DHE people to tamper my Service Register and change the dates or appointment? What I deserve I will get, even if it is only half of the pension, or half of the emoluments it is enough for me,, I will get only what I deserve.. but I will not give one single pie. If you ask me for Rs20000/- for the poor I will consider to give , but as bribe I wont give not even single pie..” Then the principal told me,’ Miss then you need to take your service register and papers to DHE office all by yourself… will you go?” I said , yes I will go, but as usual Thota Venkateswaroa is going with this work, is it not… send him on behalf of me, I will pay the TA and DA to him. ” with this words I took leave and came home, and knelt down and yeilded to His will.
After two hours, I got a phone call from Principal, telling me the papers will be sent to DHE office by courier, and Thota Venkatewarao is busy on some other work. Was she threatening me that my papers would be thrown into the dustbin if not given by hand. But whatever be theri intention good or bad, I trusted in the Living God, so immediately I told her, “Sister, that would be the best thing to do, I am praying and everything will be done according to His will”

I was retired on 31st of August, 2010.. and I was attacked with high fever of 104 degrees F heat, and terrible joint pains, and bed riddenb for 3 months, later I started to walk but could not make it in full health. in this stature one day I went out to buy some vegetables but could not reach home, so I sat in the church which was adjacent to my home and asked one boy to go and open the door from other side and gave him the main gate keys to do so. I sat and praying for my pension, and that moment one couple was coming out of the hall and saw me and asked me, the man was led to the Lord by my husband, I used to take care of him and his mother, very lovingly by providing food and meeting other needs as they were from a village, he got a good job so they came and met us long back. now he was married, and told me that day was their wedding anniversary day. His name is Mr M R so after I congratulate him I answered them why I was sitting there, and when he enquired me about my pension was settled, I informed him that all tht happend and asked him to pray for the issue. He said, ‘Aunty, once those papers move to AG office from DHE office let me know , the AG general Mr Israel is honest man, he is my room mate when I was doing my PG in Agl in Bapatla, I have met him only a month ago in a seminar, he gave me his mobile number and told me if there is any work in AG office I can call him.” —-I was fully sick my body , legs, face and even skull was inflamed, and watered, so what I was hearing was like a dream for me.. I thanked them and came home praised God and informed to my children and one other friend, about God’s good hand on me by keeping God fearing man as General of AG office who was the friend of my spiritual son…who offered to help me in this regard.

I know that Power belongs to God, His power is not limited… Faith does not come instantly, it has to be exercised daily in every event, it comes only when we listen to His word carefully and by experience we have to taste it… God prepared me from 1976…even before that my dad a police officer , took many bribes, in his job, but he sold the fertile land in E.G.Dt and gave that lump sum money as restitution money in the House of God, we never regret for it, we did not have any property as we parted with the lands we had as restitution, we were happy to do so. We sought a place in heaven not in this world. So my heart was prepared to face any consequences about this bribe right from my beginning of the job… so at the end of this job this temptation of bribe did not move me an inch.
The story did not stop here, there were still more hurdles, and I had to exercise my faith basing upon that promise I got in case of my husband’s transfer in 1992…Psalms 62:11 One thing God spoken two things I have heard Power belongs to God—-

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Hello All! I am a retired Lecturer, Former Air Hostesses, and a writer. I love to share MY STORIES, WITH MY GOD.

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