Thus my pension papers were sent to DHE office, I resolved to pray for this pension to be sanctioned without any bribe to be given. I went to Vizag, where my dad built three storied building, telling us each floor consists of 8 rooms belongs to one to each girl, The ground floor was mine and middle floor is for next girl, and the top floor to the last girl. I went there to renovate the building which was in ruined by 2010.. ( why and by whom I will write in another blog) So I was with my swollen legs was toiling to the core of my life all alone … I was there for three months to complete this task at that time I got information that those papers were sent to AG office, now I have to pray for this issue. When I told about this and asked for prayer, my friend reminded me that Mr M promised me to help me once the papers sent to AG office. So immediately I called him and told him the details of the pension. He contacted his friend The General of Ag office, and told me that the papers were signed and he was asking him to send any one immediately to pick the papers by hand lest if they fall in the hands of the clerck concern again they would demand bribe. This is something extraordinary on behalf of the boss telling the lay people to pick up papers from his table. then and there before the file go to the desk of the briber. Mr M told me,” aunty do u remember one particular girl L whom you lead to the Lord? her husband Mr B is now in Hyderabad , he took his daughter to attend an exam , and the center of that exam is just opposite to AG office and I told him to pick the papers from General table before the briber clerk comes and claim the papers. So he picked those papers and will bring those to Eluru tomorrow, when you come you can take those from me. ”
What a wonderful God is He. The next day I went and received those papers from Mr M and entrusted those to a friend who was a journalist and my right hand in every work of mine in the absence of my children. He took those papers to the Treasury office where he was given due respect and finished the work quickly without asking for a sing pie of bribe as it was their wont. Next he only took the papers to Sub treasury office and submitted on behalf of me, on the day of receiving the check he asked me to come to the office and I was giving right into the chamber of the officer and the clerks who were known for bribe taking , came to my table and got my signatures and gave the cheques… by evening I received all my emoluments and pension orders without any delay. I felt like I was with my Police officer Dad with this friend of mine Mr MM journalist while this work being done… My friends my colleagues still feel this is a mystery as they did give lot of money on percentage basis to these offices, whereas I escaped it without giving even a single pie as bribe.
But the story of pension did not end here, it so happened I retired the post with old pay scale, and the revised pay scale is applicable so I need to send those papers of revised pay pension again to DHE office.. this time the real urge to claim the promise of ‘Once I heard, but twice it happened, the Power belong to God ‘ came in handy to my rescue. I started to pray louder claiming this promise.
But this time as I was not in the service, I had to take the papers to DHE office for scrutiny and again went there to get the papers be sanctioned, this time the particular clerks played a game with me. Making me to stand there for hours together, the attender comes and tell me if I pay some money, the papers would move etc etc.. This is the first time I ever was told to do so on my face. I know the money to give is in my hand bag, but where my faith lies, in my bag or in my God. I had to talk sternly, and also act docile , asking those clerks to finish the work or else I would see Suneetha IAS and would ask her why they are not able find out my service register and give to me for further dealings. Telling them like that I went and sat at the portico of the officer, the attender came asked me whether I want to meet Suneetha, but i denied to meet her, because I knew my Lord is the higher authority and as I was sitting there and praying Him I knew He would do this on my behalf, later they called me and gave the papers i needed asked me to go and meet someone who was not there, but on christian attender rescued me took me to the concern engineer who was about to leave for home as the time was 5pm. He immediately signed my papers, while he was signing the concerned clerk came and was trying to object to sign as I need to get fresh application again from the college. for which the officer answered sharply, ” I have signed, no more to do now” and gave those papers to my hand. This was just a glimpse of the whole story, as I was not healthy at that time, my memory is lost for many minute details, of miracles which I forgot to record here.

​ ​Thus I received my pension full and emoluments full. But in the year 2014 again I got some arrears , say 1000000 /- again the college clerk tried to woo me for the bribe to get those released. I was adamant as it was, and did not pay a single pie… tried many means to win, see the people of this world to do wrong things, they are all ways very obstinate they never give up even on hard cases like me. but we as christians do loose hope so easily to win a soul..

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Hello All! I am a retired Lecturer, Former Air Hostesses, and a writer. I love to share MY STORIES, WITH MY GOD.

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