Testimony life

I have celebrated my 60th Happy Birthday on 28/08/2012…….and I did the rituals in most heartiest way possible, and reflected upon the past 12 years of His faithfulness during the period of the absence of my husband on 29/08//2012. One day I cannot but be happy because of the birthday of my life. and the next day i cannot but be sad because of the departure of my life partner from my life.
I understood the life as such should be taken as if it is really ” one day at a time” sweet Jesus thats all I am asking from you…..” One day at a time.. is the slogan of my life since 29th August 2000, and He never withdrawn His affections to face this challenge in my life. oh yes, One day i will be in colorful , gay attires, with flowers and sweets, and friends and frolic and fun…. and after one night of the rest, the next morning greets me with gloomy shadows… everywhere. this day no one would call me…. or visit me… or try to say hello to me.
I spend my early hours among the graves where the bones of my beloved lied down..and cant stop the flow of tears when i touch the cement on the grave where my beloved was lastly seen. His comely face is still afresh in my memory, he was there silently and quietly as usual just as if he was sleeping, i recollect how we shut the door of the box where he was , and how we poured out the earth on him and then , and then, and slowly i go out and meet some one who are less fortune and sorrowful. Thus ends the day …. making me to reflect that afterall life is like that in essence…both flowers and thorns side by side.
And today is the day just it has been on any day, phone calls, cleaning, songs, and music and news and friends etc.. fills the day and makes me to run for another day .. in my life.
I like to live the day given to its utmost possible depths of life. I learned to live to enjoy to the uttermost on the day of joy, and feel gloomy and withdrawn as a caterpillar in its cocoon on the day of gloomy shadows. I am what I am… I did all that I could do.. with all my might and strength… and with all my intellectual capacities, I did all that in my 60 years of life, what i feel that I should do. And during the past 12 years, i pretended as the best mom and also best dad… roles i loved to take up , yet so vulnerable to play perfectly. There were so many ups and downs, so many mistakes, and imperfections, but… still i know i could do what all that i could do.
That gives me satisfaction, contentment. dedication and love for life. Now i am 60 years old, but my friends and children never think or believe that i am 60 and they do expect me to do things like sixteen years one but not sixty years one.. They say that i should be more active, more eergetic, more and more enjoyable. i know i cannot be in one cornore and live as caterpillar, I have wings, that too colorful wings, so i need to fly , into the horizons of the sky, i want to learn many things still, i am trying to leanr many things as much as possible.
Let life teach me ints own One Day At A time method…. Let me see what is hidden for me in the coming future, Let me taste all that makes me worth living… I hope i could live to its ful days… and still able to say, that ” I could do all that I could”

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Hello All! I am a retired Lecturer, Former Air Hostesses, and a writer. I love to share MY STORIES, WITH MY GOD.

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