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It was the cool winter season in Virginia, the sweet grand children giving me sweeter moments in and around the house.  Jessica and me had long talks about my childhood games what all that I played, in the school and at home .  The life was cozy without any responsibilities…literally no responsibilities..  I was writing my blogs often, meeting old and new friends on Facebook, reading and going to church on various events to attend with children’s family.   My daughter was doing her level best to make life comfortable and cheerful.

Then a queer thought was eating me up, to the core of my being.  Often my blogs were written about what is life, how lonely is life, what is the end of life, how it would be if we have Alzheimer in our old age–made some personal interviews with the patients, and the families of such patients.. etc  besides numorous visits to beautiful scenic views in Virginia, Mary Land and Baltimore …

We were staying which was near a  place called Pleasant Valley in Virginia, it was the year 2009.    The Lord promised me that I would live in Pleasant places long before I visited IOWA , Demoine  in the year 2006, when I least expected this would happen in my life. “he  boundary lines have fallen for me in pleasant places, surely I have delightful inheritance “Psalms 16:6

When I saw the street board on the road PLEASANT VALLEY I was surprised, and that pleasant surprise made me much more thankful in a God whose promises were beyond our understanding and brings those into reality in His own time.

So living in this Pleasant Valley was a long predicted promise of God.

On the deck when I stood at the back of the house, I could see long strip of water running through where often, a loner or two , strolling on the banks of the river to pursue their hobby of catching fish.

This roused my conscious, reminding me often what I was doing to catch men/women , recollecting His word, “I will make you fishers of men”

God has blessed me indeed,  surely I had delightful inheritance.. and I do live in the boundaries of pleasant places.. and here I am right under the street board, Pleasant Valley

         It was so beautiful to go around in these scenic surroundings,  and with two cute little children, I enjoyed recollecting my younger motherly years with my own children at the age of my grandchildren now. I used to play wonderful games I used to invent a new song only for my each child, to my daughter it was “chinni bujji kannalu aachibuchuluu, chinni bujji thallulu aachibuchulu..  aaaa chi buchulu aaachi buchulu..” it was a song for the daughter, who named herself on her first birthday ‘Happy’  when her aunties( my sisters asking her dad,”Bavagaru, we are calling chinni thalli , paapa  give her a name  a pet name, so that we can call her, so he playfully asked her who sat in a sofa while she was the center of attraction in that hall on her first birthday; “papa, what’s your name?…hey baby, what’s her name?”   she started to cooing with shriek voice , and with laughter,” aaapppyyyyy”  we startled, again he asked, again she was cooing, ‘aaapppyyy’ so he said, ‘ aha, she says, its ‘haappy’…everybody was laughing and shouted her name” ‘happy, happy, happy’   she was laughing while repeating her own name..aappy… — I still can recollect the handsome happy face of my husband who was adored by my family, my mom and dad loved his as their only son, as we were three girls, the desire to have a boy to my dad was fulfilled having my husband considering as his eldest son.

I will have another chapter about this next time. Let me continue how these pleasant surroundings in this pleasant valley helped me to question myself, what I have to do. This Bucket list is the inspiration I got seeing in a wonderful film by that name, where One rich old person and another Godly old man becoming friends at the hospice, and how they listed out their death wishes  and died

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Hello All! I am a retired Lecturer, Former Air Hostesses, and a writer. I love to share MY STORIES, WITH MY GOD.

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