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The King of Dark Chamber–Ravindhra Nath Tagore (from Christian perspective)( Part.11)

FRIDAY, MARCH 17, 2017

The King of Dark Chamber–Ravindhra Nath Tagore (from Christian perspective)( Part.11)

       I am typing this very fast, no time to correct or decorate it, I am typing fast and posting fast just now. One day may be some time in the future God willing I will take time to interpret in detail.          The writer of our Indian National Anthem “Jana gana mana” and Noble Prize awardee, Shanti  Niketan founders’ drama The King of the Dark Chamber is symbolic drama its about the

  • The relationship between God and Man
  • Infinite playing with Finite
  •  Ultimate Truth in Faith.Metaphysical ( a term coined by Samuel Johnson-17th Century
  • Highly philosophical using similes,Metaphors, Imagery, Paradoxies, Conceit, and views of Reality

As I had gone through of this piece of Literature of Tagore, I felt to write my own revelation of the inner philosophical meaning of this drama.

As  the drama is spread before me, line by line word by word, character by character, I was filled in awesome amazement which shocked me with pleasant spiritual soothing waves of Holy spirit breezing on me. I never expected this drama has such inner mystery of the Gospel both from Old Testament as well as New Testament.

Reference+++++++   As these two Books contained 66 books right from Genesis to Revelation written by 40 different authors of different ages, proclaims about only One, i.e., Jesus Christ, like a colorful flowery garland with an inner thread that combines the each flower, slowly picked up and knit with one another with one single thread to make a a garland, the Story of Jesus interwoven within the drama.

” The King ( Jesus Christ) ,Queen, Sulochana =having good visiona, the visionary, the one who is chosen by God as his own, the chosen one, is none other than the Jews, a sect of Israelite;  who are proud of their religion, their scriptures, the promises from God, the prophets,, ego centric, stubborn, and adamant having their own rules to meet God.God dwells among them, lives in the dark chamber of Sudharsana heart. But she was searching for Him not knowing the dark chamber should be opened to find Him. ; here sulochana is proud of her beauty , her riches, her heritage, Reference=====(Like Vashti the queen of Ahashweros the king of Parsia, )There is the maid of honor, Surangama, ( the gentiles) who could trust God by faith
The King in the Dark Chamber is awesome, inspiring, benevolent, invisible,.Sudharsan because of her pride could not see him because of lack of faith.. Whereas Surangama and Grand Father could see him in spite of darkness His radiance,  Grandfather is the prophets, or priest like or pastor, who proclaims the Good news The Bride is on the road in search of the King . Ref:    She is no more respected by the public as the Queen. She is now as a humble servant in search of the King. When she is repented for her pride she found Him. King o Kanchi, Budha like sages, many of them who searched for the TRUTH also were on the road. whether were in repentance of not only the time would reveal. They searched here and there and everywhere, but not in the Dark Chamber. JESUS Christ clearly proclaimed ” I am the TRUTH , the WAY, and the LIFE.John 14:6   He came to His people but they rejected Him. He is light and He came into the world of darkness
. John 1st chapte r1-5 verses

Edward Thompson- said that this drama is  ” The secret dealings of God with Human Heart”

Robert Brustein  said that The King of Dark Chamber is the Indian Master piece of 20th Century-eliciting the Holy Scriptures in Metaphor, allegory, and in a stunning theoretical setting. Queen as the symbol of Jews is having yearning souls for CHRIST, MESSIAH, but searching in wrong places except into” the Dark Chamber which is the heart of Human Being, with 7 deadly evil sins”–just quoted in the gret epic book of Dr. Faust.and aso in the Bible. —Because the Jews rejected THE MESSIAH, their KING they crucified Him, , as a result they were thrown out of their country and pushed from country to country as vagabonds, they were put to shame,she had to humble herself on a dusty road, a queen who lived in riches and palace among the maids who tended her needs, now on the dusty road, crying seeking and searching for her Lord, for her Husband, for her King.

After the crucifixion of Messiah by the Jews, they were persecuted and driven away from land to land as vagabonds till 1948.The King will come again, the Second coming of Jesus is certain, the Gentiles are waiting for His Second Coming, but the Jews are not believing this they are still waiting for the first coming or the advent of the Messiah, they are blind and haughty, to accept the truth. Along with the Queen , the king of Kanchi and many others were searching for the King. Each one took one road,( each one has one Religion , one path of search, they are seeking the Truth just like Budha in their own way. Actually they need not search , He is there in their heart, the Dark Chamber, they do not like it to see there, they cannot accept the Truth so easily, they want prove the world how tirelessly they searched for Him, how much they toiled to find Him, How many good deeds they did to find Him, but all is futile, The King does not need their righteous deeds, all that He wants humility on the part of the seeker to find Him in their own Dark chamber of the Heart. He is right away residing there, They do not like to see Him, they want some other king with pomp and show, like Swarna , a pretender, and impostor, and imitator, who rides on the horse in a royal procession. They expected their king as a great king to show him to the world. They found this IDOL , this HERO is their SAVIOUR, They want to get fame and name by presenting him to the world as their MESSIAH, .Strange the real KING of the Dark Chamber did not come on the horse.( in fact Jesus rode on the donkey, a donkey and useless animal which is used by the poor and oppressed, not by Roayal King. So how could Jews accept HIm as their King? Jesus walked on the dusty road, with the the rugged cross on His showlders, beaten thrashed, and scorched, bruised insulted ..how can the Jews accept Him as their King, ?He is ugly and dark complexioned to look at.Whearase the imposter is gold complexioned handsome, ,strong muscled, well built riding on the powerful horse, .The queen saw him at once falls for him, forger her desire to see the king, she ignored Him though He was walking just in front of Him, waving His hand at her with love, she did not like to see Him too, because she ignored Him, the King because He was not good to look at. On the other hand He was walking on the dusty road, so lowly, and humble, inconspicuous, the world did not recognize Him, because there was nothing to see in Him.REF:——–

Yes, unless one is deeply aware of the Holy Scriptures of the Bible , he cannot understand this great drama of Tagore line by line or between the lines, the beautiful story of the Messiah , the Christ
Once Sudharsana realized her mistake, her rejection of the Saviour who was in the threshold of her very presence, she REPENTED, DEJECTED, FULL OF SORROW unconsolable, she walked into the flames of the FIRE. She has to be purified, her sin of rejecting the saviour is unfathomable,  Yes the Jews after they rejected they were scorched, whipped, and persecuted by the kings of this world. Romans, Nazis, –1 Peter 1:7 says that “These trails will show that your faith is genuine and it is being tested as fire tests and purifies gold” Yes the Jews, the queen , Sudharsana had to be purified.
Her faith is precious than gol and it has to be purified in the flames. In the midst of that fire she saw the emblem of God  i..e., Lotus with thunderbolt at its heart”  Like Lotus in the miry clay, Jesus lived among sinner, He was called as the Friend of Sinners, He was taunted and teased and mocked because He dined with the low class people and lived among them, He was considered as one  among them REF——Matt 11:19 ; He lived among them and loved them to the end, John 13:1 , Still He is sinless, without sin, John 8:46 He asked the fault finders, self righteous Pharasees, one simple question, ” Can any one of you prove me guilty of sin? He challnged, He lived with them in small place, where nominclautuer prevails, he moved with the poorest fishermen, in villages, He was right in front of their eyes, from morning to the night, none of them could find sin in Him, yes He is the Lotus in the miry clay. but fresh and clean. The THUNDERBOLT in the heart of the LOTUS signifies Power and Gory of the Christ, He healed the sick in body, sick in mind, and sick in the soul The devils ran away on hearing the name of Jesus, the blind could see, the deaf could hear the lame could walk such is the Power of the Thunderbolt, , there umpteen references from the Holy Scriptures to prove that He walked among them doing good to them. After the resurrection, He even defeated the Satan, Death, and Sin, and the HOLY SPIRIT came as thunderbolt from Him to HIs disciples in the upper room, it was poured on 150 of His followers at once and it still continues to work in the hearts of those who has faith in Him. They too could do mightier things by uttering His name even now.
So Sulochana saw that emblem while she was going through the fires.
God never compels any one to follow Him. He left this to the free will of the people, to Sudharsan. She is free to love Him or reject Him. God has give freedom to Jews to accept Him or reject Him. Queen Sudharsana left the king and went away, blind folded hard hearted, faithless, the King let her go away, not because he did not care for her, but to give her time to realized to repent that she could embrace the truth of her own free will. King doesn”t want machines , He wants hearts. Hearts which chose Him. Israel/Jews /Sudharsan must realize its mistake by rejecting Jesus Christ, the Messiah and following glittering idol . this idol is Swarna, (gold) she chose this gold swarna instead of loving and living God She chose what is visibly glittering, horse riding, an imposter instead of invisible loving King.  Yes she had to come back, repenting.

Meanwhile God father i.e., means the Prophet, the Pastor, the Preacher, were singing devotional songs, praising KING< those are th songs of philosophical wisdom, Gospel, Good news of Jesus resurrection. The play telss us that preachers were proclaiming that “we all are King’s in theKingdom of the King”  yes, the scriptures tell us that 1 Peter 2:9 “You are chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, God’s special possession. you are called out of darkness” —“We do wha t we like, yet we do what He likes” the rule of life of these small kings in His kingdom.  Jesus told them ” If you love me keep my commandments” is the slogan these kings followed,

The words BLACK/ / DARK is often  used to describe the King. He is ugly , unworthy to look upon, people hate to see this King.  Yes who like to see the CROSS, and Christ’s CRUCIFIXION Nobody consider His as the King, No body like to see that “bloody, ruddy, ugly countenance of Christ. Even now no one like to see Him, but unless one sees at Him they cannot be saved, Jesus Himself told ” Just like in wilderness when Moses lifted the bronze serpent and whoever saw was healed, unless you see me lifted up on the cross, crucified, you cannot be saved.” John 4.
He was cursed because of our transgressions, he was wounded because of our sin. Isaiah 53:2 says that He is not comely to look at, or majesty to admire at or to attract us, nothing in His personality that we are proud of Him, Nobody consider Him as God, King, He was hanging on the tree, a cursed one. REF—helpless, and useless, The Sinless Saviour has become Sinful” for our sake,He took punishment on our behlaf, we need to be scorched, we need to be thrashed, by the Father God for our transgressions, but the Lord took the punishment on Him, to redeem us God felt that He is pleased to do so REF—-Therfore we consider Him as Cursed one by God. We consider Him as a Man of Suffering, Ref—yes people do not like to see the King, they are hiding from Him, because he is ugly , He was despised because He is dark and doomed, we held Him is low esteem, because of his ugly black face.
Surely He took up or pain, and bore our sins ad sufferings, Yet we consider Him punished by God, curse by God, stricken by Him and afflicted, But he was pierced for our transgression. He was crushed for our inequities, the punishment that brought us peace as on Him, and by His would we are healed. ” we all like sheep have gone astray” Yes we do what we like, yet we have to do what He likes” Paul in his epistles, says, we have freedom to do whatever we like but we have to be free in Him,”Ref—–No Othe Way. As He was oppressed and afflicted yet he did not open His mouth, He was led like a lamb to the slaughter and as a sheep before its shearers is silent, so he di not open his mouth”REF—–
Such was the plight of the KIng of the Dark Chamber -So ugly,black, dark room .He walked on dusty road, humble–“See your king comes to you, righteous and victorious, lowly and riding on a donkey” Zechariah 9:9 ( He did not ride on the horse like that imposter swar, or as expected their King to come on the horse,  –this King is ugl and humble The bride sings in Song of Songs, my lover is hiding he is behind the curtains” REF——-

Whereas Surangama, representing The Gentiles, that we all other nations apart from the Israel,were enjoying the divinity by faith, whole while Israel, like Sudharsana was worrying of Hings invisibility.  Because He is not known by them. because they do not have faith in Him whom they have rejected.

At the 2nd coming of Jesus Israel will see Him, so is Sudharsana and says,

Your love lives in me—
You are mirrored in that love
And you see your face reflected in me.”

There was a mention of 7 petty kings, loathsome , lathergic, who discourage Sudharsan. They were none other than the 7 deadly evil sins in the heart of man, in the dark room of his life. These are mentioned in the Holy scriptures, REF———Deadly sins, are 7 Pride, Envy, Wrath, Gluttony, Lust, Slothand Greed—These seven evil kings obstructs Sudharsan to seek the King. Therefore there is conflict, war not in the batte field, but in the soul, heart and the dark chamber of life.

Ephesians 6:12 “For our struggle is not against glesh and blood, but against the powers of this dark world and spiritual forces of evil”

There were Three men on the street. Janardhana ( influenced by the public opinion) Bhavadhatta, ( Having heavenly gift and Kaundilya ( riches)  They were enquiring the PATH the WAY ,Christianity is not a religion  but it the WAY, Jesus said so, I AM THE WAY. ——– REf——-Isaiah 30:21; 35:8  A High way will there, it will be called the Way of Holiness–it will be for those who walk on that WAY”   ” Whether you tur to the right or to the left, your ears will hear a voice behind you, saying “This is the way, walk in it”Matt. Enter through the narrow gate. This way leads to Festival of Spring l the streets leads to the same direction.. but through the narrow gate that is the Dark Chamber.in order to go that Festival of Springs one must go through the DArk chamber, which ever path you chose. Sudharsana was surprised to see the discription of Surangama, the maid of Honour, about the king. she said the His was matchless beauty, Dark and dazzling Radiant,. ” Solommathi the bride in the Song of Songs says, My beloved is radiant (Powerful) ruddy (bloody) Outstanding among ten thousand. 5:10
Surangama saw HIm in the DArk Chamber, but Sudharsana want to see Him in bright day, on borad way, , He was residing in the Dark Chamber of her heart, but she is not willing to look or check her own heart, she is searching for Him in outward rituals,  so King told her,”You cant see me, you cant bear the sight of ” It gives you pain, so Sudharsana went in search of Him, Song of songs says 3:2 ” I will get up now and go about the City so I looked for Him, but did not find Him” She Sudharsana commitsa mistake, she made Suvarna, an imposter as a real king, she gave him a necklace(godl silver, treasures as bribe)
The false king robs you, so was this imposter, Suvarna, Inspite of her unfaithfulness, when she LOOKED at Him She repented ” Those who pierced Him also will see Him” Revelations  REF—–She repented seeks reconciliation with the king. King assures her of His love Jeremiah 31:3 ” I have loved you with everlasting love, I have drawn you with unfailing kindness”

Sudharsana refused the King, Surngama received the King,who was rejected by the queen. What a wisdom of God says the scriptures, because the rightful Queen rejected the King the maid of Honour had the chance to receive Him, just like the Jews rejection opens the wy to the gentiles, their hardness gave grace to the heather, if only they accept Him how much more grace would be poured upon the gentiles. REF——The maid was was taught , the faith, so the King gently asks her, whether she can bear the sight of Him.. she says”YES” unhesitatingly. All that need on her part is willingness and obedience with faith, Just having a desire to see the King like the queen is not enough, implicit obedience with faith is needed. the Salvation of see the King is only possible by faith not be pride,

The Maid of Honor found Him , saw Him and awestricken by His radiance, and filled with immense joy and happiness. But the queen says, ” Your sight, ( Christ on the Cross) repelled me because I had sought to find you in the pleasure gardens ( with pomp and show) in my Queens chamber ( riches and prosperity) Then even your meanest servant looks more handsome than you. .Its because they received His beauty and His radiance and they exchanged their sin with Him( Therefore His countenance has become ugly dark and repellent.) The  ,fervor of longing to has left my eyes forever. You are not beautiful , my Lord You stand beyond all comparisons.( Because you are on the cross and. crucified and died for me, you took my punishment for my sins upon you. Because you loved me First before I know you, my Lord) —“Can you love me more than these”–John 21:15  Yes Lord, You know that I love you, answered Peter who had lied just a few hours back that he did not know Jesus. Thereby Lord asked him , then you take care of the sheep, His people.

All of them were going to The Feast of Spring” It has special meaning imbibed. On the top of mount Sinai God gave Moses some dates for some special observances as Seven Feasts of the Lord.
 1. Passover
2.Unleavened Bread
3.First Fruites

      4 Pentecost
      7.Feast of Tabernacles.
–It is interesting to note that the Hebrew word for the FEAST IS  MOed.  7 Years means Divine Appointments. More importantly all the 7 feast point to and are fulfilled in Jesus.These Feasts are separated into two seasons. 

                     1.SPRING    2. FALL
The First 4 Festivals come under the SPRING season, the rest Three Festivals come under the FALL season. Jesus was crucified on Passover, He was buried on the Feast of Unleavened Bread. He is resurrected on the Feast of First Fruits—–50 days later the Holy Spirit was given to us on Pentecost. The entire human race exist between the Feast of Spring and FALL represent the true church. The Lor is harvesting the believers and patiently reckoning Him who follow Him till the FALL feast come. These FALL feas fulfill the second coming of Jesus . The first is FEAST of Trumpet This represent the Rapture of the Church . 2.Feast of Atonement represent the Second Coming 3. The Feast of Tabernacle represent the Kingdom age of the Lord. The Feast of Tabernacles We will celebrate it as a church  Jesus Himself said” Behold I am coming quickly we Look forward that day and welcome the return of the Lord.
Thus this love story of Sudarsana and the King , the Church and Jesus Christ ends here.
This story is depicted by Rabindranath Tagore in his Drama The King of Dark Chamber,. I have explained here only the outlines of the drama and tried to interpret it from the perspective of Christianity, its only an outline. I am in hurry to finish it as quickly as possible to post it here in my blogger. If I take the Drama line by line there remains treasures of diamonds to bring out still more.

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