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               ” Mom , Mom.”  I can hear his voice right from the gate of the compound wall. I was in the kitchen, I see the excitement in his voice. As I was cooking dinner, I could not leave the stove so I answered him back, ‘Yes , common, I am in the kitchen., what’s the matter?’

He is already in the kitchen both his arms around my knees, shouting with joy, ” Mom my teacher told me we will have picnic on Saturday , ”

I was astonished.  And able to understand his enthusiasm.. because we were keeping the Sabbath in toto in letter, We have many Dos and Donts for the Sabbath, that is Sunday for us.  So No picnics on Sunday was one of the Don’ts. In John’s previous classes we never sent him to any picnic because all those picnics were arranged on Sunday. So he was disappointed whenever there was picnic in his class. But this time it is on Saturday, so naturally he was fully excited over it.

But I have had my own doubts and fears for these picnics,  I knew how naughty was John, he would not keep quiet in one place, he runs fast, jumps fast, climbs fast and shows all his muscle and bone strength where it was not needed too.

So I was afraid to send him with any one , leave alone the picnic , fearing he will fall and hit himself, he will climb and fall on the ground,, he will run and get hurt or wounded… With these fears, whenver there was a picnic on sunday, I was in fact relieved not to send him due to the reason it fall on Sunday.
But now its on Saturday, I cannot say no.
But I do not know why I said, so , What made me to tell this little boy to seek the will of Gcod for the Picnic.

So I said,” Ok johnny, its on Saturday, so you can go, but I am too afraid of your safety, I am scared to send you with any one fearing you will jump and fell or run and fell or climb and break your bones. So I tell you now, go into the other room and see what Jesus will tell you about this picnic, If He says He will take care of you then I will send, so you go and pray whether He would to tell you to go to picnic or not”

I think I said it playfully, even though I had that fear lurking in my heart .

But this time its my turn to be astonished to see John taking my word literally, Went into the other room and sought for a Bible and knelt down and started to pray,
I peeped into that room , seeing my son knelt and pray, I came back to the kitchen without disturbing.

Next thing I remember is he again in the kitchen with an open English Bible in his hand and a finger on a line in the Bible, It was “When you walk your step will not be hampered; and if you run you will not stumble”
Proverb 4 :12

I was wordless, the verse from the Holy Bible is there assuring him and me about his safety.   My boy was only a kindergarten school boy. he cannot read english leave alone Bible.  How he got this word of promise and why he brought this verse to me evading all my fears to say yes to his pleading to go to the picnic.
I have no other reason to tell him not go to picnic, the first hurdle Sabbath was nullified and the second reason of my fear for his stablity is ruled out, so I had no other go but to say Yes, you can go to picnic.”

Now after 3 years of that experience and safety of his life, he had fallen into a pit, a ditch, and bruised hopelessly, and he is unconscious, and in between the recoveries, he lifted his swollen eyelid forcefully looking into my eyes asked Why he had fallen, whereas the Lord promised him that he would not stumble, and his steps would not hampered.. how can God say ‘no’ to his ‘yes’ promise.

I was crushed in soul seeing my son groaning in pain, and now on the top of it, he reminds me and asking me why God could not keep His promise to him
As a mother what answer can I give.

See children all ways have that freedom and accessibility to the mother more than the father, because it is the mother who feeds them sitting very near to them, it is the mother who corrects them observing them in close quarters, it is the mother whol caution them on many a tasks how to carry on them.  So its easy for them to ask any question to their mother then and there without tarrying in time.

This is one of such timings, because he knew that any tough question can be answered by mother, she would answer all Bible questions for them, with this assurance he asked me ‘  MOM, why my feet hampered, why my step were slipped away, why I had fallen into the PIT?’

I have no answer , I knew that the promise was so real for him I was the witness when his tender hands lifted that old King James Version English heavy Bible to the kitchen and asked me to read the verse for him as he was led to claim that verse as his promise from the Lord.

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