I was in my 3rd class. For the past two years our class teacher took us for picnics on one Sunday in the year.. But mom used to tell me, ‘o my little sweet sonny, I cant’ send you to the picnics; I am so afraid to send u alone with them, let us all go to picnics as a family rather. ’ Saying so she did not allow me to go anywhere with any one else. Anyway mom is always right so I did not bother her much. On the other hand, mom and dad wanted me to be with them on Lord’s day to pray together. So last two years I too did not press them much, knowing that it would be more beautiful thing to be in the church with mom and dad and sister, rather than the picnic.
Sometimes I did not like to go to Sunday school. Our dad used to be with us only Sundays. So we like to sit in the lap of our dad while mom was talking to him. That I liked very much. Sometimes I used to sleep just like that on those Sunday afternoons. But mom used to insist that we should go to Sunday school. At 3pm. My sister Happy used to run to Sunday school, might be the reason was that she wanted to recite the bible verse that she learnt before anybody would recite.
Oh I must tell you the great process of learning the Bible verses, this great task used to begin on from every morning, mom used to spend a few minutes say 30 minutes for us to make us learn the verse. This process used to go until we recite them properly. Sometimes in order to avoid the distractions from our eyes and ears she used to sit on a chair and hold us between her knees and hold our heads in her palms and looking straight into our eyes she used to taught us the verses to us. She herself used to learn the verse before she used to teach us, so that not even one second we could get any other distraction. We were wholly hers our body and soul and heart and brain etc. you are laughing know? Yes, those were the good old days and we re really grateful tour mom for the way she taught us the Bible scriptures to us. Some moms used to spend much time in providing food to the household, thought mom used to do many experiments in the kitchen she never neglected to give us the spiritual food in our lives from our very birth, I must say.
I tried to make much fuss over it. But my mom uw3e to beg me to go to Sunday school. If I did not listen to her she used to take a small thin broomstick and used to wave it vigorously in the air and used to threaten me. Before I receive any slash from that I used to run and climb the steps and reach terrace where the Sunday school was going on.
Now I understand the value of Sunday school. Usually my mother used to take Sundays school but some times in order to train other ladies in the church to take care of children in the church she used to entrust that work to some one. When my mother was taking the Sunday school she used to teach many songs, stories and games and much work to do at home. We used to paint and draw the theme of the story at home after every Sunday school and bring it to the next Sunday school. She used to encourage every child by giving gifts as an incentive. She used to jump and sing and play with us even during the study time or feeding time whatever it is. We used to have number of homemade games and songs all invented by my mom. She used to insist on stitching different dresses to Happy akka, and different stuffed toys for us, and she used tell dad to prepare and help us in our scientific experiments etc.

One good thing about this picnic is that this picnic is not on Sunday. Our teacher is taking us on Saturday. As soon as she told us that it was on Saturday I was sure mom and dad would never say ‘no’, and so I ran home and caught of the fleets of the sari of my mom as she was standing in the kitchen and cooking something. .
“Mom, I want to go to picnic, you know this time the picnic is not on Sunday, its Saturday”
“Oh god,? I don’t want to send you, I am afraid. Cause, you always slip own and get hurt, suppose you get any bruises!1? Oh I can’t bear.”
I was shocked. I never thought that she would say so. She had a big spoon in her hand and she was moving it in a vessel on the stove so devotedly, not even bothering to look at me.// oh the same old song that I am hearing all these past two years. I was annoyed. Of course, I had bruised on my head, on my hands, on my legs. Of course many of them surely. So what? When we play, we are prone to fall- its natural, we all and we get , for then why should she make so much of fuss?” I just could not understand.
“mom, mom, please send me to the picnic please- I was repeating the same ords just like a struck up gram phone record—
Thus mom bent down on her knees and looked into my eyes keeping her face straight and near to my face, she said. Looks John dear, while running you fall, while walking you fell down, many times in the picnic, who will help you who will look after you? I am scared to send you, I don’t to send you really.”
She told me so. And briskly she stood and returned to her cooking again she started to move the spoon vigorously in the vessel.

“Oh really, I did not know what to do how to make mom to accept may plea went out and into the home and again I caught hold of mom’s legs—“mom I went to go picnic—started to make much ado—“
“Oh..Darling John ask Jesus did not me, I am scared” If Jesus give you permission you can go” I do not know whether mom said so just to get rid of me for the moment or she said of me for the moment or she said seriously,
But I went intoother room and told Jesus, kneeling down, Lord jesusi want to go to picnic, I like it so much, but mom is afraid-she is afraid for I may fall down and get bruises, so what to do. If you send me went to go. I pray this in the name of Jesus’, amen.
Then, I ran to mom with my Bible and told her! Mom I prayed “What Jesus told you? She asks of me smilingly.
“He did not say anything I said do sadly.
She smiled softly and said, “Jesus speaks through the word of God in the Bible. After you prayed, ask Jesus to give you a promise.”
OOPS don’t know today mom is cooking so vigorously, its giving sweet smell, may be Halwa. Ok whatever it may be I need to pray now. So I went into the other room again and started to pray just like before. Then I opened the bible. Then I kept my finger on one place and ran to mom’ “mom please read this” –Then mom wiped her wet hands to her sari pallu and took the bible in to her hands and started to read where I kept my finger.
Imagine what verse- it was. My mom’s face was like hundred lights together, she took hold of me and went round and round
“Oh Jesus told you1?! That you would not fell down, Oh Jesus told you, “ she was almost jumping with great joy. The way we both jumped you people must see!!
In this picnic one of my friend fall down from the tree, and there was great cut on his arm and blood too. By evening even my dress was full of dirt. Now I understand why mom was afraid so much, any way Jesus promised me know that I won’t fall.
So as soon as I got into the home, I told this piece of news to mom. Mom told me, ‘yes, I was often remembered you today and when you are late from the picnic, I wanted to come to school and Enquirer about your safety but I recollected that promise Jesus has given to you again and told my self that Jesus would take care of my little sunny “ and I encouraged myself. \(But children, we should not put our finger like that always. Jesus spoke to John, no wonder, it was true but Jesus talks in different ways in different occasions. We will learn about that later. Ok?)

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