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They hated Him

They hated Him


They hated Him

Today’s Manna—

Reading Mathew 6:1

Eating grains out of grain heads in the fields, it’s a common scene in the villages walking from village to village people walk through the fields, and they pluck the grain heads and rub them in their palms and eat the grains. It happens whether they are hungry or not.  Our Lord Jesus Christ was walking along with His rough disciples. They were crude, illiterate, poor fishermen.  They talk louder and poke one another and rough in habits. But our saviours’ who was gentle and soft natured chose the company of these rough lings.

Walking through the fields is not easy it is to walk on the paved paths, one should be careful of their steps, or otherwise they fell into the fields. Jesus was put up with their crude manners as he was at ease with that crude path.  He even did not object them plucking the grain heads; after all they are hungry, why not? He did not mind of their loud voices or their rough manners. He is gentle and mild with them.

He loved them and they loved Him. They find it easy to converse with Him, and learn from Him. Though He is full of knowledge and having the words of life, His way of dealing with these poor illiterate was compassionate and gentle. He did not scold them for they were poking one another, or plucking the grain heads and did not take any disciplinary action like some of our leaders.  He was Man of God and He loves the people, but not all.

His countenance was pleasant without any wrinkles of frown. Our Lord, King of Heavens who rides on golden chariots also knows how to humble Himself to walk in such rough paths of the fields. Our Lord the Son of God who was enjoying the company of the Heavenly angels also know how to enjoy the company of illiterate, poor rough lings of the village. He could keep company with these ill-mannered village folks. .

But Pharisees did not see the beauty of this scene, because they were full of pride. Their eyes were blind with self righteousness, ego and envy. Their face was grumpy with anger. Their looks were full of hatred to see Jesus walking happily in the company of thee crude fishermen, who were stinking with fish water and smell. These Pharisees and Scribes hate Jesus, their life their aim and their goal is only to hate Jesus. Or find fault in this gentle and compassionate Saviour. His way of walking His way of dealing, His way of loving, His way of healing His way of serving others could not be tolerated by these self righteous leaders. They claim themselves that they are the keepers of the Law, despise Jesus the Law giver as a false theologise They claim that they earned their knowledge from the Scripts, and boast themselves that they were Keepers of the Law and make fun of the Saviour the Giver of the Law, They are bloated with self knowledge and pride and thereby their eyes were blinded and not able to see the beauty of the Person of Jesus.

Many times 100s of the people love to listen to us, love to follow us, but here and there, there are people who express their hatred towards us outwardly without reason. They are there to find a fault in our personality, our words, our teachings, and even in our prayer to the Lord. Never mind we should remember our Lord was hated by such people all through His ministry.

Remember that we are supposed to take the exemplary life of Jesus, and remember His commandment Love those who hate you.  “Father God Thou hast given me hundreds of people to love me, what is there if one or two hate me, just like they hate you too. Let me concentrate on this above and valuable in thy sight. Amen

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