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            Time. Time. Oh Time !! God created this mysterious thing called Time in the very beginning of His creation. Ever since it is created man became its slave or master. He tries to control it in his limited life. He believes that he will be eternal. No wonder the Wise Man Soloman warns the man that ” Eternity is in the heart of man. Man lives forever in his thoughts. Never suspects that the life will end one day or the other day. Yes of course what he believes is true. The body may perish but the soul live forever and ever. That was the reason why God put His Eternity in the heart of man.
Man thinks and  plans and behaves everyday that he is going to live for the eternity. The only difference that makes them different is one believes that he is going to live eternally on this earth, and thereby he toils all through his life for a morsel of food, he schemes, he drives crazy and make others crazy too. But there is another one who knew he too live eternally but he knew that its not on this earth but in the life after his death. Therefore he all ways strive to live and do things which would be counted after his end on this earth.
Both knew that they do not live on this earth but they have another life which they need to live eternally. But what is this time… on this earth. 24 hours per day , as soon as the man opens his eyes after the sleep every morning his mind races on those things he has to finish within those 24 hours. He wonders what would happen how it would happen, what he has to do to happen, how long he has to take time to happen, so on and so forth. Even if he could not finish all that he planned to do that day, he has a hope of tomorrow, and he wonders why this night why this sleep why he should retire for the night….!! some go to bed reluctantly because he could not finish his work that day, even if could try to finish his work he cannot expect his fellowbeing would be there to coperate with him in the night. After all he can not stop his people to sleep.
Though he thinks he is the master of his time he is only a slave to his time, because the time is not in his hands. Yet he believes that he can manage the time, which is just a myth. He knew he his heart beats 72 times per minute any change in its rythum makes him anxious with his ill stricken body, not knowing the cause of irregular rythum of the heart. Even his breathing has its own rythum, and he has to oblige without his knowldege. Wonder of wonders he is there he counts every second, but he does not aware of this precious second.
Life is a mystery prisoned in time.
I pray and wish to have enough wisdom to see beyond the time to see the eternity in
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Hello All! I am a retired Lecturer, Former Air Hostesses, and a writer. I love to share MY STORIES, WITH MY GOD.

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