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To see or not to see–thats the question

MONDAY, MAY 16, 2016

To see or not to see–thats the question

     Reflections, musings, getting lesser and lesser? or time and life is congested with too many adventures unlike in the past? or mind is blocked and becoming blunt to the events that are happening around? or am I becoming too engrossed in some important and unimportant tasks of life forgetting to open the site? or did lost the readers interest?  oh whatever be cause one thing i am sure that certainly the stories to scribe here are not in dearth of the number. They are lurching inside me as usual but I am lagging behind because of my laziness.
This  I must get rid of.. and gird up my lions once again to scribe here all those wonderful intensive inner feelings not for others but for my own sake. Though I feel tremendous joy seeing the statistics of my audience I feel thrill to write more and more at any cost. 
Writing is my breath. reading is my life. cant live without these two, I will become lifeless and moron and useless ultimately. This writing makes me active and energetic and keen in my observation in and around. Oh let not that event never occur to me. Let me be alive till I die.

Recently I am writing articles on Old age .. series of them in Telugu language to a Telugu magazine. I perceive the gerontology and geriatrics is the most beautiful subjects to study. especially to those who are above 60+ cause it is inevitable to some of us who are going through its phases and touching those silver lines one by one with silvery face and silvery smile. 
All is silver pale and shining and smooth and sifting. the other day I happened to land into the great continent Australia, where my son was living. Many have a particular problem which makes them not to travel much, fearing they would be put to humiliation. Recently I come to know this problem is not only pertaining to some but many poor fellas   are undergoing in it just as the same as any one do. That relieved us a lot, that we are not the only useless ones with this complaint of bowl movement   we may blurted out to our daughter about our predicament if you are a mother, but how can you tell your son.leave alone the topic is so disgusting for the younger generation to utter even. 
so when he was projecting the Netfilx we got a clipping as a bolt out of the blue namely PIKU, seeing Amithabachn in the caste we thought it must be worth seeing. Alas the whole film was about one particular problem of the elders, constipation, surprised???
the details of the problem was dissected and discussed , the native solutions were discussed, the drama goes on and on making us laugh to the core. This picture is an eye opener to many people who never heard of such problem and for the people who are undergoing in it. 
To certain problems there wont be any solutions in old age one of these is physical problems which could be relieved so easily in younger age makes the elders put to shame. the younger generation cannot understand never can understand that it is a problem. but certain films like this make the public to be aware of some unknown problems of the elderly. 
Though Life seems to be complicated yet times, a film or a documentary or clipping or even a video will teach us certain things which you never could get answer from any other source. 
Film is tool its a tool , how you use it, for what you use it is all that matter. Its a matter of faith. The younger generation must understand what way the technology can be our friend and in what way it destroys us.
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Hello All! I am a retired Lecturer, Former Air Hostesses, and a writer. I love to share MY STORIES, WITH MY GOD.

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