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TODAY’S MANNA (4) Who are demon possessed?





Today’s  manna (4) MATTHEW 12:23


A man possessed by demon- mute & blind. Usually when a person is dumb automatically they are deaf. This man is blind & dumb.

The demon made him not to ‘see’ or ‘talk’/ — Who is demon possessed here? The man or the Pharisees? The Pharisees who cannot see Jesus the Son of God? Those who cannot speak of His wondrous works?

The pride and self-righteousness make people blind and dumb ‘to the things of God’.  When Jesus healed the demon possessed man the Pharisees could not bear to ‘see’ –because they are blind for the things of the kingdom of God.  Also they cannot talk to glorify for the name of God.

Any person, any common man would ‘see’ the greatness of the Healer or they should rejoice to see a dumb person could speak— None of these things happened, Instead, it seems the demon’ which left the man, now possessed the Pharisees. Because they are accusing the Lord saying He is the Head of Demons, Beelzebub.

Who is demon possessed now? The man? Or Pharisee? Who is self-righteous and proud is demon possessed. He hates the pride of self righteous 9 man.

Pharisees called him ”Prince of Demons” Well they very well know the name of the Prince of Demons, they mentioned it as Beelzebub too, But they are not acquainted with the name of “Prince of Peace” Isaiah (9:6 They are experts in the knowledge of Demonology and hierarchy of devils and its names. As a result they are the ones who are blind and dumb to the Power of Christ.

But He would never try to change the heart of Pharisees, He left them there. He even know the “thoughts’ of them 25 verse.

Why Jesus did not try to use His Power, in the hearts of Pharisees? Some claim that theory is destined to perish” –do you think all compassionate and Living God, destined some people for Hell, to be perished? NO God gives chance to everyone to come to Him.  He calls every one, “All ye heavy laden come unto me”—(   )

“I will never throw Him who comes to me”

I have come to seek the Perished” –to save them   ) Do you think that the loving saviour came to this world to destine some people to perish forever?

No No He calls every one. He knows the “thoughts” of every one. He gave opportunity even to Pharisees (Known for pride and self righteousness the ‘trait of the Lucifer’—this battle in between pride and humble—Self righteousness and Righteousness of God—(I am humble Matthew 11:29)

The rags of self righteousness and the righteousness acquired by the Rays of the sun of righteousness contradict one another. The heart of man is deceitful (Jeremiah `17:9) There is always opportunity between Selling his soul’ to the Satan and surrendering his soul to Christ. One seeks a return of earthly treasures from devil in this world. The other seeks Heavenly treasures from Christ.

God has given ‘desire’ to man and man be free to choose- Man is never a ‘prisoner’ to almighty God. His loving eyes are searching for them who obey Him  2 chronicles 16:9; Job 31:4; Jer `6:7; ech 4:10; Heb 4:10)

Yes, He hardens the heart of Pharaoh for awhile, to glorify His name through Moses in front of all Egyptians and Israelites. ` He sent  Moses with HIS instructions,”Let my people go” it is His Word.  But He hardened the heart of Pharaoh to fulfil His purpose there. Even He did not leave him; He showed His power by the Blood of the Lamb” (John 1:29) Even the name and sacrifice of Jesus Christ was exhibited to Pharaoh and all the people in Egypt.

Pharaoh sacrificed to his idols but never in faith to the Lord God. He did not have a heart to yield—

God has special purpose for the leaders of this world to exhibit His power through them. But He also gives opportunity to them to know His name.  Tell me which king in the Bible perished without the chance of hearing about the Lamb of God?

Herod? Saul? Solomon? Nebuchadnezzar? Yes, God uses same evil hard hearted man to glorify His name but never left them or destroyed them to perish. That which hardens the heart of man is Devil. Only Christ softens the heart of man. Devil forces those who believe that God knew some people in heaven itself and He decided their destiny to go to hell, right in heaven are not having the heart or understanding of Christ, who came all the way from heave to die for the sinners—only for some sinners?? NO—NO—all humankind is ridden with sin, Either Pharaoh or Pilot. God loves the world (john 3:16) all of it, everything in it. All loving and compassionate God destined some people to hell even before they were conceived???

Yes, all seeing God sees the ‘seed’ in the womb of the mother.  He has His ‘eye’ on you & me even before we came out of the womb of the mother.

Yes the heart mind and soul and body of the man was created in the water of the  sac of amniotic fluid   itself. The conceived baby itself given a chance to decide” there itself to follow Christ or not—like Jacob & Esau- But that doesn’t mean that the baby is not given chance to choose again. The man is given “choice’ till the end of the last breath in his nostrils.

The desire of man for heavenly things and earthly things decide the fate of the fetus even in the womb.

Do you think the fetus is a lump of blood and bones? No no—God gave a heart to choose, a character to choose, a desire to choose—The baby who is in the womb and in the sac of water amniotic liquid, is given the human nature even there. He could choose what he wanted. Things of God or things of the earth.

The sac of water is his world. Just like this earth is our world and this earth also is in a sac  called sac which has  the  ozone layer, once it is ruptured just the earth will be reborn, just like the baby in the sac of water in the womb. Once the sac is ruptured the baby has new life. Just as the human beings are given a chance to  know good and bad which he inherited trait from the eating the fruit of forbidden tree, the whole human kind is free to choose that fruit once again, all through his life. But we never forget that there is tree of life too they choose, but it is protected by the sword of fire, that is the word of God. Only who seek him in His word can reach to eat the fruit of life. So also the Lord God had a mysterious plan to each child in the womb. As long as we are in this earth covered by ozone layer we never can see the universe.  Once they go beyond it, they have to experience different life, no oxygen, no gravity of the earth etc. Only those who went there kno And we after the death., how it would be. So also those who touched and experienced the life of LIFE know how it would be. This can be possible to see only to the eyes of FAITH. Invisible. Spiritual.  So also the baby or the fetus in the womb never can understand the world outside the womb unless it comes out of it.  E.g.  Chick in the eggshell has life there. But it is hatched, for 21 days exactly. All features of it are determined in the shell itself , even if we tell it that it has siblings, mother, seeds to eat outside the shell it would not understand an iota of it.

The fetus of the baby has certain abilities in the womb itself. This is exactly demonstrated in the case of Jacob and Esau. Jacob knew the value of First Birth. He desired for it. Esau was given the Birth Right. Which he least bothered about it. His desires even in the womb were for the flesh. Food and costly clothes. And luxurious life, adultery. Whereas Jacob chose to be mild, happy with his mother, liked to be good shepherd, and loved the things of heavenly matters, such as Birth right. He tried his level best to gain it by hook or crook even by pulling down his brother into the womb and go first.  Wah..What an example of “fetal fatal fight”.

This happened between Jacob and Esau right in the womb of their mother. The birth right was given to Esau, by God Himself, .All the heavenly blessing and heritage of God’s promises “can be” claimed by the “first born” God said First born is mine (Numbers 3:13) But strangely enough where it was full filled in the history of the Bible? God is interested in what He chooses, it proved many times.

Cain was first born, but he showed himself as an useless person without any regard for God; blessings, though he was the first born. He wanted to have his own religion, his own way of worshiping, his own type of sacrifices, without giving regard to the word FAITH in his life.

He argued,” what is there? I am cultivating and I will worship with the things of mine, why should I borrow a sheep from my brother at all? Why God need a lamb to sacrifice in my worshipping. Why should I give the first fruits to God? What is the use of first born or first fruits, what does it matter if I give ‘some ‘ out of my yield, Does God consider some of the yield of my fields are good for nothing, and He wants only the first fruits, and that too a lamb? Why should I listen to my parents, though they were telling me that Lamb should be offered to God by Faith s a symbol of Messiah ?What is all this nonsense of offering to God on alter? Anyway as everybody especially my brother offering why I should get a bad name that I did not offered anything to God. I will give whatever I want, how could God know of my offering. Is He there really? “Was the inside voice of Cain. And he yielded to it. Completely, and never bothered about the Lamb of God. How can God listen to such prayer? He did not. So Cain was angry towards his own brother and God also. God is partial. Brother is cunning etc. So God Himself came to talk to him. He wanted to speak to him in fondling way. He Cain what is the attar? Are you angry? What is the matter? If your thoughts are good won’t you be accepted? When you do good deeds you won’t get angry, right? Because your thoughts and deeds are not good, you are obsessed with anger. Be careful” he warned,

Ultimately what happened His birth right was nullified, he became a murdered and a wanderer… cursed by God. 1 John 3:12) Gen 4:6) Ishmael was rejected though he was the first born of Abraham because he was born to slave woman, out of wedlock, an yield of fleshly desire, and own plans, not by faith. So was Ruben, he was rejected and God elected Judah. , David was the last child. God see the heart of man in the womb itself.Salmon was never in lineage of first born The best example is about Jacob and Esau.

Life is not as easy as to say in black lines on white paper. It has perpetual circle. It’s complicated but could understand according the light given by the Lord. Only those who seek short cut methods of God’s sovereignty speak that God decided the fate of man in heaven itself. If it is so he need not send them to this world. Hope, Love Faith consisted into the Person of God. The trinity of God imbibed with these traits.

Faith is like Fire-its Lord God

Love –is personified in Christ.

Hope is personified in Holy Spirit

. Three are one and one is of three. They are one and the same.

God the father ignites the ‘faith’ – he wants “every one of us” He is not partial of dictator. Love and hope are in Him even before He sent the embodiment of Love, i.e., Christ to the world.

The Bible Isaiah prophesied that Jesus is the Hand of God in 53:1.2 verses. Only the hand of God, a little of God came into the World to tell the people who He is and what He is. And He did not hesitate to crush His hand on the cross to save “all sinners” Past, Present and Future. But there is a clause as Jesus told Nicodamus “Only then who look at the Cross” will be saved. Like the bronze snake in the wilderness. (John 3:14; & Num 21:4-9)

Even Pharaoh and his army was given chance to listen to the gospel till the. “The sacrifice of the Lamb” (exodus 12:2-11) the pillar of fire and pillar of cloud were the two witnesses, representing Jehovah the Lord God and Jesus Christ. Lamb and Lion.  Do you think that God who decided the hell to pharaoh and showed him the great sacrifice without any reason? God served a choice for him to choose between Life & Death. God gave chance to choose Life and death.  His heart was hardened by God for awhile. Yes He does so even in anybody’s life to fulfil His purpose in the situation. He could do it to get glory to His name, this is where the Romans edifies us, when He wants to harden He hardens when He wants to bestow mercies He does so, who are we to ask Him, the clay can ask the Potter. He hardened the heart of Pharaoh for a while for the sake of His ‘people’

All loving God sent His only begotten son to die for us—and WHOEVER BELIEVE in Him ( WHOEVER –EVERYONE-ANYONE even Pharaoh or Esau or Cain , Judas Iscariot) believe in Him (SHALL NOT PERISH) but have everlasting life. Can you say this verse is wrong, and God from the beginning intended these people to be condemned? Even Judas Iscariot had a chance to see the Cross the crucified Christ physically, but instead of repentance, even though an opportunity to repent is given He did not instead, he chose death instead of Life. Yes all those who walk in the path of the tree ‘good and bad “tree will never come to the path of Life. One need to shed his own self righteousness all good in him and surrender to Him in repentance, which neither Cain or Iscariot did it even the Lord spoke to Cain and gave him a chance to repent, but he preferred the death did not like to repent at all. Choice is his. Not God determined him to perish.

Do not yield to the trick of Devil, Yes even Devil tricks us by the verses of God. (Our Lord was not exempted (Matthew 4:1-11).But the ‘Wore ‘of God triumphs over the ‘verses spoken or quoted by the Devil” It couldn’t be possible to the one by the one who knew the Bible, by faith, in faith and through faith. The Devil tried to trick Jesus by the Word of God. In fact Jesus is the Word and He came into this world in flesh. Word is in flesh in Jesus.  Can the devil trick Him? No never, even the children of God who live by faith in His word cannot be by His help< the Holy Spirit. God gives discernment spirit to them. Many people underestimate the Holy Spirit and try to entice others by their own knowledge to impose their own theory upon them. This cannot be possible

Faith is the ultimatum. Knowledge of the Holy Scriptures would not lead us into confusion. READ SCRIPTURES CAREFULLY .Meditate and listen to the voice of God with the help of Holy Spirit. Ask of Him to give you Holy Spirit. He will never give stone if you ask for bread. The word ofGod would never lead any one to confusion. It only tells as simple as that , “Have faith” ‘Believe”  It would never tell us to go beyond John 3:16 thewordof God is for the simple people like illiterate ones like Peter to follow Him. The word of God says in Isaiah, that the people who know the letters cannot understand the Word, and those who do not know the letters also cannot understand the Word, understanding the Word of God possible only by the HOLY SPIRIT.

Even if somebody proved that my Lord, Jesus Christ died only for ‘some people’ and he was born as recluse, rebellious to the plan of god the Father, who wanted to send His only begotten son to die for all of us, whoever believed in Him, I will never could understand that my saviour is so cruel, but still I love Him,  even Da Vanci Code or any other code tried to prove that he did not die on the Cross, He escaped, and He did not resurrected but His disciples stole His body, He escaped to some other place, all useless baseless theories spread all over, and come with proofs that He did not have divinity in Him, even if the devil laughs at me for my faith in John 3:16—I still love my saviour who loved me first. (1John 4:19)

I love Him more than their theology, man’s understanding, that He did not and could not save all but only the chosen before. Which is absurd and useless dispute in the sight of God? I prefer His love the one who died for me than the theology to understand God chose some one and cursed some one, not knowing my fate, after death, confused on this earth before my birth that i do not know whether He chose me or not till I die. I have belief that I am saved by His blood and I would see Him when I die, because He cleansed me by His blood here on this earth,. This birth and this life of everyone is for God to choose the tree of good and bad or tree of Life is always offered to everyone. Those who love to fill that void in their heart they prefer to make creation as their gods instead of the Creator

. In the film ‘CAST AWAY’ the hero wanted to communicated with God, instead of quenching his thirst to pray to God of creation he made coconut shell as his god. The eternity in the heart of man always wait to fill it with God, but choice is his. To communicate with the God of universe or the creation of His. Because the stars and the elements of the universe are teaching about the Creator. God never intrude into the heart of man, He respects the choice of man, because He loves the man as son not as a machine.  His spirit pleads with the man till he dies. Just as the father of prodigal son. The sword of word of God can find Him there comes SEEK him. After all man is as a seeker, he cannot live without God. There is eternity in the heart f man (  Ecc  3:11) He searches for God always, but if he satisfied with his own gods and reject the Lord God ,still he is not satisfied, never contented, still he seeks  until he finds the Truth. But if they reject the One who said “I am the Truth”-Pride and self righteousness again a hurdle to many and never find Him. It’s their choice.

I love to prefer to love him as Peter said and love to serve Him (John 21:15-17) than go deep into Heavens to find out the then go deep into Heavens to find out the theology of whom He choose when He did not choose, I rather believe in the God who loves all and who died for all whoever believes in Him, giving choice to believe in Him to man

I would rather do not want to have a discourse who talk about the partiality of God and who choose some and wants others to perish. My God is compassionate and loving God His second coming would be like fire, and He is going to come as a Lion, rather as of now. We are in grace period.  And thereby we all of us are given chance still to choose Him

I would rather take the counsel given to Timothy by Paul 2 Timothy 2”23. “Don’t have anything to do with foolish and stupid arguments, because you know they produce quarrels.”



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