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40 years of life which started on 6th July 1979 with the great promise of God that He was giving a “God fearing and Good looking man as my husband has been finished today. It does not mean that it ended today. Only the years counted as ended. But his memories good 95% and bad 5% as a wife would never leave me till I die.  This date is never forgotten by my sisters, infact she ,pedda told me that she rembered me and her Bava garu today. It was a great even in our lives. The first Christian wedding we ever witnessed in our family circle, including me.

It was God’s great deed in my and our lives, by giving such a wonderful man in our lives, who could show the gentleness and love of Christ to us and every one in our relatives and friends, and acquaintances circles.  How can any one forget such wonderful soul who lived amongst us for 21 years?

Somebody asked me the other day, what is the use of remembering the events like birthdays , and celebrate them? Are we such great people to celebrate those days?

We celebrate them not because we are great, but because God has given one more year to enter in, to do His work. It shows He still have work to do with me. It’s a day to be thankful to God that He protected me all these years of the past under His wings. He protected me from the storms of the life. His faithfulness never left me even though I am unfaithful.

People either should submit the elders, or try to understand them , but justifying their own version is not good.  It is never good for them or to the next generations. The elders and the Bible also is telling us to remember the days, and dates.  (Exodus 13:3)

Then Moses said to the people, ”Commemorate this day, the day you came out of Egypt, out of the land of slavery, because the Lord brought you out of it with  mighty hand”

Purim is celebrated annually according to the Hebrew calendar n the 14th day of the Hebrew month of Adar( and on AdarII in Hebrew leap years that take place every two to three years) the day following the victory of the Jews over their enemies.  “Remember the days of old; consider the generation long past.  Ask your father and he will tell you, your elders and they will explain.   .”Deuteronomy 32:7

It doesnot mean that we are addicted to the special days and saying this day is good and that day is bad. Romans 14:5

But the days and dates give us an opportunity to recollect the good days and to praise God again and again.  God blessed each day, but some days are special in our own life. We had our own good experiences of that day.

Today is my wedding day and though my married life ended on 29th August of 2000, still I remember the day 20 years back and praise God for those 21 precious beautiful years we had together.

I had him and he had me. After his departure no one could take that place. To share my feelings, my burdens, my tears, my joys as of one heart and mind and soul. He was the only one soul mate who could never be substitute. We both alike felt about our children. We prayed together for them for one another. With the same burden and love. Who else could take that place. We were two different people from two different cultures and back grounds, we had different  hobbies but when we were married we merged into one another, Me mostly into him rather than he into me, because he is all ways better than me in certain ways. Whatever what good in each one of us taken by others.

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