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Matthew 12:9-13  Theological and Doctrinal fanatics

                      Is it lawful to heal on Sabbath Day? In Jesus Days Jesus and His disciples were still following the Sabbath Day, But Jesus did not abide to the doctrine of the Sabbath or Theology of Sabbath. In fact healing on Sabbath was not wrong. But the Pharisees were blurred and confused of what is good and what is bad. Too much of theology and doctrines confused their minds, which made them to be blind to see who was with them. “The Lord of Sabbath”, Himself.  Colossians 2:16 tells us ‘do not give importance or allow any one judge you about what you are eating or drink or in respect of an holiday, or of the new moon, or of the Sabbath days.:’  

                      What is important?  Good deeds or Theology? In fact the Theology of Pharisees was wrong. Deuteronomy tells us one should certainly help others and should not close their eyes as if he did not see the need of the other. Then why they are accusing Jesus? Envy? Revenge? Fault finding? Whatever be the reason, they do not have compassion for others, and no respect for the one who has compassion. They are hard hearted proud men, who think that they knew the Theology and tried to impose the doctrine on Jesus too.

           “Surrender to Him for your salvation is a gift from above.” You need humbleness to surrender, to realize that your own efforts or some belief in FATE is not His way. When you ask Him humbly to SAVE you surrendering to Him He would stretch His hand and take hold of Your paralysed hand and SAVE you.  Surrender !!!

                             We see many people in and around us, who are too proud and try to impose their theology or that the theology they found in some book on others who knew the Lord and following the Lord.

                               Jesus never cared such doctrinal fanatics. Doctrines come and go Theology change now and then. What is important is whether we are following Christ or not. Bible says, be away from such foolish arguments.  Now days I see people are mad about Predestination. In other words it’s nothing but FATE. Saying God already finished everything with human beings. He determined some for heaven and some for dooms day. How funny and useless argument it is. Those who say that they are chosen by God are nothing but proud peacocks, and there are some others says God designed them so and so, so they can choose the life they wanted and there is no need to change, self satisfied lazy buggers who are too lazy to repent.

                   Whatever when Jesus Himself was not exempted from these Theologians , we may face one day these crazy people right in family circles, who forgot what God did to them but happily nestles in their own comfort of easy and happy life. Where there is no need for self examination, set right things or no worries about their future. When any problem comes instead of praying and finding the Will of God, they are confused.   People who learned to find the Will of God would know how to run to Him.  Many do what they like and say all is predestinated, and everything happened because He destined it in that way. Because He chose them everything happens to them as it should be. Good, it’s a good argument, But He also said if you’re humble yourself and pray, I will hear from Heavens and answer you.    II Chronicles 7:14 God is near, and hears our prayer and answers us.

                  Note Down: He went into the synagogue and He saw the paralysed man.  He didn’t yet heal the man. Before He did anything to him-they knew that He would do good.  They knew that ‘goodness & Compassion’ was walking   amongst them.  They gave importance to RULES than His good deeds.

                So the questioned Him: “Is it right to heal a man?” His answer was: He asked the man to stretch his “paralysed hand” Can anyone tell a man to stretch out paralysed hand? At least He should touch the hand, The man did not have any doubts or questions, but obeyed Him instantly. He was having a paralysed hand but he listened and trusted the Lord. He surrendered to the Lord. This is needed to be rescued.

                  When a person is dying in a stream when anybody went there to help him he should yield to him and surrender to him. Trying his own efforts would not help him on the other hand the one who went to help the man also drown in the water along with the man.

                   Surrendering to the Redeemer is all that needed. ”Self help or pity party” would not save them

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