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A talented fondling child of a loving father lives in dreams of her own, and her loving parents, enjoys every minute of life from the time in she knew that she was the princess of the household. Her birthday was a sign of jubilation of her kith and kin, near and far, she is the apple of the eye of her dad, believing that her dad would do any thing, yes anything in the world because her dad is her hero, like in the films, her innocent eyes witnessed. Whatever she asked for, or she ordered for was not deprived , she was the center of attraction in the school or in the neighbourhood, because of her dad’s status, she used to go along with him for hunting, into the forests some times or to the sides of kolleru lakes, or rivers of Pappikondalu or the sea shores of Machilipatnam,, all types of birds, animals are at her door step, to play with or turned into dainty dish on the table, her mom is the most pleasant and beautiful lady who is obedient, lively and as a queen manages the home with number of guests at any time. kind hearted , educated, patient lovely mother.

In school, top ranker, pet of the teachers, best friend of everyone, a dancer and artist, fluent in two languages, voracious reader and jolly go lucky fashionable girl she is, life has given her everything she needed, friends, and fashions, parties and picnics, fun and frolics, nothing escaped her view of enjoyment. Highly educated, good name and hard working, life goes on very well.

One set back , marriage, after the marriage, her life turned upside down, he is an example to the youth and old in the society, dutiful son of his parents and responsible brother of five sisters and one brother, a care free like Suseela is tied up to down to earth man like Prakash. Her life pattern is changed from the top to toe, no more freedom, no more liberty to do whatever she feels right or to get relaxation. He is her world, his people are her responsibility too. She is deprived of economic independence, los the identity of her own, even then she thought its her role to be an ideal wife, in the Indian society.
Poverty and misery pursued her to the core of her deep serene life, her habits of her enjoyment, her leisurely life is no more, no time to think of herself, new pattern of hard work, long tedious walks oppressed her.

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Hello All! I am a retired Lecturer, Former Air Hostesses, and a writer. I love to share MY STORIES, WITH MY GOD.

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