understanding and misunderstanding. 28/5/17

People of different types live in one place and wonder why others are not like them. They have different tastes and desires and wonder why other person does not exhibit the same type of attitude and behaviour as they used to show. People have this same question all ways in mind , they try to understand and try to misunderstand others, and find joy in doing so.

People all ways find joy in underestimating others, and find elevated by showing their bit of knowledge which is superior to others. This is far visible more in religious wisdom just like any discipline or subject, or politics or whatever it is. People find its great to show their wisdom more superior to others. and thus learn to look down at others who are lesser in knowledge.
Not knowing that every one has a talent or potentiality which cannot be compared with others, even in this field they do face competitors. who would beat them out.

What we do know is limited, it either lesser or greater than others, our views of life, opinion of others is differ from others. Life is not same to every one. Each one is influenced by number of otherways which has no resemblances at all.

To find one single person in life who think like us, or feel like us, or see and understand things like us is almost impossible, but if we only could find one single person like that, the companionship with such person is heaven like. We call such person as our ‘soul mate’ . This is possible one in hundreds.

The only person who could understand us even before we open our mouth to speak, only one person who sees things in different way than us, but yet loves us in spite of it, who feels like us when we are hurt and offended and bruised is the one who loves us in truth is the one , the only ONE is Jesus.

You may ask me how do I know this? How do I know that He understood me even before I uttered one word to Him, How do I know that He loves me in spite of feeling different and never belittle me, inspite of my flaws?

Tell me how you can tell that mother loves the baby in her lap? how do you know that a sweet little rose is loved by the butterfly ? How do you know the sunshine has so many colours ?

We know , yes , we just we know, by the mothers touch her look her smile reveals her love to the baby as to us; when we go into the presence of Him , immediately we know that He is there and He knows how we feel what we feel and that we know He understood us, and that He answers us.

Yes, He talks to us, and we can hear Him when He talks, we know His presence, we just know it ,just as we know that orange is sweet, grape is sour, and rose smells heaven…. we know it.

Not knowing His presence, His words, His assurance of love is Hell. People are groping in darkness not knowing whom to trust and whom not believe and thereby they misunderstand everything in life and live miserably.

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Hello All! I am a retired Lecturer, Former Air Hostesses, and a writer. I love to share MY STORIES, WITH MY GOD.