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Victory in the blood of Jesus


“And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony;”  Revelations 12:11

                   It was the middle of the night, there was banging on our compound gate. From deep sleep we woke up and saw a couple,typist Satyam,and his wife  Mary Kumari outside the compound.  They used to come to the church,where we were taking care of . We knew the lady was sick and disappeared from the home without a cause, nobody knew what had happened to her for a few months. We prayed a lot for this family. At last they found her in a distant city which was not at all connected to the family or their relations.  When they found her they knew that she was completely starved and never ate anything for many many days.  I do not remember how they got her  home. But I sat with her and spent  many hours, in counselling and praying with her.

              My husband was counselling the husband, and her parents and children.  Everybody was in fear.  That night they were here, because she was behaving strangely . She was trying to vomit all through the night, squeezing her throat by herself,  making a louder noise with her voice. Gurgling loudly with a man’s voice.  She was restless and shouting in between; terrorizing the family;  roaring like some wild animals.

                   I asked her to sit with me quietly that night. I was told by her that she was travelling in a train, and some women beside her made her swoon , and took her to an agency in the mountains of Vizianagaram district.  She was made to sit in front of fire and lemons and red chillies. She was made to bite the neck of the hens and cocks and kill them and drink the fresh blood .   She was terrorized with  many weird, terrible things she was made to do.  I did not insist her to describe those things, on the contrary I stopped her to dwell on those experiences, I told her to remember the sacrifice done by our Savior Jesus Christ.  She tried to be queer and tried to bring fear in me. But I told her , “I will never be afraid of her. Because Jesus Christ is living in me, He shed blood for me and forgave all my sins.  She has to obey the word of God” She obliged to do whatever I told her. So we prayed together and she calmed down.

To help such people we need to have love and compassion for the person and her soul, which is being tortured by evil spirits. Matthew 14:14 tells us that Jesus had compassion on the hurting people in the crowd. “Jesus saw the huge crowd as He stepped from the boat, and He had compassion on them and healed their sickness”

He healed the sick people.  He did not run from the illness or care for all kinds of sick people. He did not ignore them nor their diseases. Instead Jesus had personal interaction with them. He moved towards them by His strength, we should have that compassion and love for the hurting soul.We should exercise faith in the blood of Jesus. Matthew 14:13,14, :20:29-32 by asking Him or requesting Him. Mostly those people who recognized Him as the son of God, Messiah. 

So our duty is making people accept Jesus as their own saviour, and accept His ultimate power in His sacrifice. One thing we have to remember here, Jesus healed the people who have had personal encounters with Him, or who sought His help.

  We should be kind and caring for them.Even our posture, our eyes, the tone of our voice and noverbal communication can reveal either contempt, fear, or compassion.When talking to the possessed person we should remember that the person has dual personality. One is an evil spirit and another is the real person who wants and begs to be released from the evil spirit.

 We should not heed the words of the evil spirit, should not encourage  the evil spirit to describe things, or try to frighten us. We, with a stable spirit should talk to only the real person addressing the person by her name. Listen to her carefully and encourage her with words of faith.

                                     Many years passed, she is quite normal now,  she confessed all her sins, fasted and prayed for forgiveness, and the Lord assured His forgiveness through the word of God.   Now after all these years, she is now an obedient wife and loving mother.

        That middle of the night, when she was brought to our home, where my little children were sleeping in the next room, I faced the devil  face to face. She was threatening me and my husband, but the blood of Christ was our shield, in the name of Jesus Christ the demon ran away from her.

        Another incident:—  That was a village of fishermen,  there were no rules of morality in this village. First time I talked to them I was shocked to the core.  ”a couple choosing another couple and exchanging the spouses is  the rule of the day.” There was no sin, everything was right for them. The women can choose any man even after the marriage, so is the man. He can keep any number of women, even married women. Everything could be done in broad daylight,  everything is public, no shame.

              When I went to conduct a women’s meeting I was utterly shocked and disturbed quit altogether. Did not know what to tell them. How to inculcate the chaste life of Jesus Christ, His love. When people do not believe in sin , when people never think of values or morality of life, how do you tell them that Jesus wants to forgive them?  Only the Holy Spirit of God can bring the conviction of sin, His righteousness, and judgment after death.  We see nowadays, many people do not believe in life after death, They take this life as if there is no other life after their death. They want to enjoy it, take revenge on others, kill others , or kill themselves. Because they never have any conviction that after death there is judgment. So these fishermen and women were living in deep sin. When I first went to their villages, I visualized Jesus going to the fishermen. Peter, John, Andrew, felt deep love for these illiterate villagers. But when I started to speak to them individually I found that  their lives were in utter darkness. I wondered why Jesus particularly chose fishermen as His disciples. They are crude, rough, illiterate and morally less. 

This same life style, this same mentality ofclousness of sin I found in the upper class people and families. Recently I found photographs of a family function, 13 year old girl was matured, and they celebrated a feast, Uncluttered, barbaric, evil practice ,exposing the girl secret life in public.  Apart from this evil function of get together to which many rich families attended, shamelessly, the shameless thing I found in it was, the mother of the girl divorced the father of the girl and married another younger man. And the father of the girl married another muslim lady who divorced her husband by having a girl child by him. The horrible thing here is, both the father and mother of the matured girl celebrated the event at the same place, and many rich families attended this function accepting the evil presence of these people. The innocent 13 years old girl was exposed to this custom of seeing her mother with her step father, and her own father with his other wife. You can imagine the brought up of the girl, her values about family system, her influence of the uncultured family members. In the name of culture these people are behaving in a barbaric way. What is the difference between those illiterate barbaric fishermen families and these educated high class families? Evil spirited people breed evil possessed people. The Devil is fully satisfied by the conduct of these people, its ultimate goal of taking them to hell is fulfilled. Then what is the need to possess people like in Jesus’ days? Its ultimate cause and effect is subtly being fulfilled, the Devil is dancing with joy.

              Because of the way they live, there are many instances of Devil possession,  most of them end up their lives by suicides or live in fear constantly,  there is no hope in life. They do not know why they were living and for what they were living for. They live for money, fame, and power, Whereas these fishermen live for Fish , Prawns, dry fish , dry prawns, selling and eating , living in dirt and squalor and disease is  the normal life of these people. There is no peace for these people. There is constant fear in their lives.

“There is no peace,” says the Lord, “ for the wicked.” Isaiah 48:22

“But the wicked are like the tossing sea, which cannot rest, whose waves cast up mire and mud” Isaiah 57:20

Outwardly they  exhibit pomp and show, riches and jewllary, but their inner life is misery, mire and mud, unhappiness,they cannot have rest, the waves of their lives cast up misery, and unrest, and suicide tendency, revenge and murder.

          Some of them were not able to come to the Lord because they were possessed by evil one.   But I saw the fishermen at Galilee in these fishermen of Chinthapadu and Penumakalanka,  the disciples of our Lord, in them. I encouraged my husband and the little team of workers to love them and give the word of God to these illiterates.

         One boy was touched by the Lord, I named him Peter, he became a preacher, but the rude and crude nature of these people was very difficult to reform. The selfishness and hunger for power and money overcame this boy. It was not easy to get rid of this evil greed in man. Many pastors became slaves to this selfishness, greed for authority, and money

.If favor is shown to the wicked, he does not learn righteousness; in the land of uprightness he deals corruptly and does not see the majesty of the LORD”

 Isaiah 26:10

            The evil possessed men and women used to come to the church and stay in the church in Eluru day and night.  Sometimes they used to shout loudly and fall on the ground and  crawl on the floor like snakes wriggling all over. I used to serve them with food and drink, while my husband and Elisharao,Venkata Rao, and KrupkarRao were assisting my husband in dealing with the physical power of these robust men.  But the Name of Jesus and His blood was powerful and redeemed them. It was so difficult to hold them physically,  they were so robust and furious. at such times the men who were converted used to come help us in stopping them from running around.


To bring the person to realize their SIN is a difficult task, Fasting and praying is required on the part of the team. Convicting the person about the sin in his life is the work of the Holy Spirit. Recently when I said to an educated person that Jesus came to save the sinners she in return questioned me, “Is it so very difficult to find good people for Jesus?” I answered her quoting from 

Romans 3:10-12

There is no one righteous,not even one; There is no one who understands; there is no one who seeks God. All have turned away, they have together become worthless;  there is no one who does good, not even one. 

To accept that one is sinful is a difficult task for human beings, they come with umpteen reasons to cover up their sinful lives. Only a person who accepts that he is sinful by birth and by nature can be cleansed by the blood of Jesus. Those who recognized their sinful life are blessed people. We are blessed because we know His name, and accepted Him as the Saviour.

I tell you that a devil possessed person has a split personality.  My son asked me, “ Why do we not see demon possessed people nowadays, like in the ministry of Jesus?” I answered him in my usual way, “Devil has become high-tech nowadays, it has changed his tactics to ruin the soul of man. It’s not visible in the human soul like in the old days.” but my son was not satisfied with my answer, so I took time to think about this issue further. The answer is “The devil is still there to ruin the soul of man, who doesn’t accept his need to be forgiven by the blood of Jesus. As long as the man tolerates and adjusts with goodness of the soul, the devil makes him slumber in his sins. He behaves normally. Exhibits his evil nature occasionally. Suddenly turned up into a robber, murderer, or rapist, or to commit suicide.  But in some people the devil plays hide and seek with the soul of man these people we call bipolar disordered . It is a sort of manic depression, is a mental illness that brings severe high and low moods and changes in sleep, energym thinking, and behavior.  People who  have bipolar disorder can have periods in which they feel overly happy and energized and other periods of feeling very sad, hopeless, and sluggish.

There is a difference between mental illness and bipolar disorder. Sometimes both are evil possessed.  I will tell you why people were taken to mental hospitals previously, but not now.

Bipolar disorder is an illness that involves mood swings with at least one episode of mania and may also involve repeated episodes of unnatural authority, power over others. They insist that their wish and will should be done at all times. If anybody did not oblige the person they think that they are humiliated and take revenge on the person by evil tactics.. But suddenly calm down and show abundant love towards the person and try to pacify him. This behaviour progresses hours, or days, years too. They behave like this with people in their close circles. Outside the circle they are normal and go to attend their duties, earn and spend. But their priorities dwindle often. They pretend that they seek advice from kith and kin but inwardly hate the advice and the well wisher. They do have dubious character,hidden inside, and speak lies without cause. Lying is a continuous process in their character, boasting about themselves by stealing fame and name in short cut methods and cheating. But these people behave gently at times, and help others by going out of their way. It is hellish to live with such a person under one roof. Both the spouse and children suffer tremendously. This is one of the high tech tactics of the Devil to ruin the soul of the person. Remember the ultimate goal of the Devil is to drag the person to die without Christ, and thereby to Hell. If the Devil possessed a man outwardly, people would seek the help of Godly man and come to Christ by getting rid of the evil spirit. Difference between bipolar devil possessed,and Schizophrenia, a mental illness. It is a chronic, severe, debilitating mental illness characterized by psychotic symptoms, meaning one is out of touch with reality. This was also one of the tactics of the Devil to ruin the soul, but nowadays it changed its platform from Schizophrenia to Bipolar disorder.

Because Schizophrenic people are outwardly known they are either taken to man of God to be healed or thrown into the Mental Health hospitals.

No wonder that we are not aware of the tactics of Satan.

“And we so this so that we may not be outwitted by Satan; for we not ignorant of designs”(2 Corinrhians 2:11)

The Devil exhibits its ugly. horrible appearance before, now it looks like an Angel of light. People ignore the existence of the Devil, It mesmerize the people 


You remember how the devil possessed people shouted at Jesus,”They cried out, “ What do you have to do with us, O Son of God? Have you come here to torment us before the time?”Matthew 8:29

So the Devil is scared of Godly men, whocast away the evil spirit in the name of Jesus. Since then the Devil changed its tactics, Even in the time of Paul it started to lure the men of God by giving its support to preaching the gospel.

The demon-possessed girl keeps bothering Paul and his group :for many days” Act 16:18.the demon inside the girl kept shouting, “these men are servants of the Most High God, who are telling you the way to be saved”Acts 16:17 

The demonic spirit knows that the presence and power of God is with the Men of God. The demon’s shouting is probably done in mockery of the preaching of the gospel.  Even our Lord Jesus encountered such devil who was keeping on shouting that Jesus is “ the Holy One of God” Luke 4:34 ; 4:41;8:28 Mark 1:24;3:11;5:7

At such times we have to remember what Paul and Jesus did. They command the demon to leave in the name of Jesus..


Sometimes the Devil makes the person worship him. By making him greedy for Riches and affluence. Thus slumbering him, by indwelling in him diverting his whole attention towards riches and fame and name. Yesterday I purposefully made time to listen to a sixty five years old lady’s life story.

She had a miserable life of poverty, but she is intelligent in a worldly way and tries to overcome the difficulties of life . But her whole life had been miserable, no peace. But she pretends that she overcame the difficulties by her intelligence.  But overall she had a life of misery, fear, and turmoil. Here I try to give the gist of her life in psychological terms as follows.

Identity crisis

The devil  creates an identity crisis, people nowadays are more confused about their identity than before, they are confused of their gender, their existence, their belongingness.

Identity foreclosure

They are confused about their very being. They do not know who they are. Leans upon evolution, believes that their ancestors are the apes. That their origin is in apes. The Devil  cheats them, making them not different from the animals. We see nowadays, people not knowing whether they are human beings or animals  behave in a dubious way. Sometimes they behave on humane grounds, sometimes with basic instincts of the animal. Basic instincts of the animal are hunger, thirst, and sex. The Devil makes people forget their creator who made them in His image, craving for higher values, humanity, compassion, righteousness, integrity. Thereby the devil succeeded in its tactics of cheating its existence in the human soul. Self reigns uttermost. Imitation reigns in their lives, without the power of the Spirit of God, they are prone to commit mistakes, disappointment, and self glory. Which ultimately leads them to their downfall, which is the tactic of the devil. 

Previously Value Education in schools, exemplary behaviour of the parents, teachers, used to guide them to seek the right values.But nowadays, they go for the acceptance of immoral society and thereby they become the puppets of the devil. Thus the devil succeeded in choosing the soul of man. Therefore it need not exhibit itself as in the old days to suck the soul to hell. The Devil is working subtly to fulfill its ultimate goal.

Identity Moratorium

Now after hectic search over their identity as they believe they had come from apes they search groups,political groups, clans, castes, religions, follow a god-man to find themselves. 

In this process of identifying oneself with one group they started to boast about themselves, developing hatred, vengeful attitude towards other groups. As long as the human being knews his origin that he belongs to God and He created him in His image, man identifies himself with the virtues of God by indwelling the Spirit of God. He is stable and compassionate towards other groups for their lack of understanding. But because he believes that his origin is in animals, could not identify with animals, becomes confused, and behaves in jungle rules. 

The Devil succeeded in winning the soul of man by confusing him about his origin. In previous days, where knowledge was limited, social groups were limited. People who do not believe in the living and loving God retreat themselves and give place to the devil in their soul, thus it used to manifest itself outwardly. But now it happily slumbers the soul of man by attracting him to man made organizations, even church  organizations with various entertainment to quench the thirst of their souls for the living God.

Just being christian and believing the Holy Scriptures that God created man in His image outwardly is not enough, having faith in the Holy Scripture is another thing. Which should lead the man to Identity achievement.

Identity Achievement

This person is the one who builds his life on a strong foundation that he is created by God in His image. He knew his origin from the grass root level. He knew his existence in this world is temporary and that he is not only blood and flesh, but a spirit imbibed. He knew his purpose on this planet was to please God. Heknew that he is supposed to give an account to God about his behaviour, not only men surrounding him, his biological heritage.  He knew his life priorities. This belief  that they are created by God would not confuse them of their gender. They accept their roles of male and female dignifiedly. They are not confused, they do not deem to take the role of man, or exercise authority over man. They do not suppress or oppress women who are created by God with His own hands, They respect one another. But if they believe that they originated from apes, they are confused about their gender and take the roles of one another, and behave maniacally. This is an opportunity for the devil to slumber their souls in a dungeon pit till they start their sojourn to another life after death, Till then their souls are in bondage of the devil and it happily giggles as their souls are in his grip. So no need to bring  its existence outwardly.

Religious Identity crisis.

Nowadays there are mushroom churches and religious groups. Each preacher interprets the Scriptures in his own way. Money minded, self glorified leader worship oriented churches and religious groups lullaby the men by giving false identity. Instead of teaching the scriptures to show the man to God, they insist that their word should be obeyed, or else threaten drastic consequences to doom the soul of man. Terrified by their drafty methods people start to obey them thinking that they obey God which leads to the ruin of their souls. As the devil gripped the soul of man already it need not show itself obviously. 

So is with the Political Identity crisis, again there are mushroom political organization as predicted by Daniel In the end days. 

        Another instance:–  In 1990 we had a phone call by  Dr. Jayasingh, that day from Madras HQ, ” Brother,  we are praying for a girl, she is highly educated, a lecturer in Chemistry in an esteemed college, mother of three children., ran away from home.  She is evil possessed, and behaves very furiously certain times, Even not hesitating to beat her husband or any one who tries to help her. She does not stay in one place, she runs from one place to another, like lightning. She is evil possessed and hates all the children of God. Talks very badly about the servants of God. The family lives in Bangalore, but we do not know where she is now. Please pray for her. All of us in Madras are praying for her.  you too pray for her.” We do not know why Dr. Jayasingh specially called  us and told my husband to pray for her. Maybe he called every center and asked them to pray.  But we took the instruction of  Dr. Jayasingh,  literally, and we started to pray every day. We also were praying on Wednesday and Saturday fasting prayers in the church that the lady should reach the family again. We do not know the lady or the family personally but we know her name was Mary Magdalene.

            That was Sunday morning.  My husband was on the Pulpit, as usual I was in the last chair, behind  the congregation; suddenly a coolie woman who works in Agricultural fields with a steel tin carrier came and sat beside me on the bench.

          I had a sudden insight that ‘this is the woman for whom we were praying’, at that moment I looked at my husband, who was on the dais  he was looking at me, and made sign   inconspicuously, saying ‘this woman might be the one for whom we were praying for’

   The sign or unspoken language  made by him could be understood ‘only by me’ or ‘only by him.’ When the spirits are united and loving each other and serving Him, the language between them is unknown  to anybody else except the two. I cannot explain how and why now, but it’s a language between two hearts who could pray with one heart and one accord.

   So I was careful to protect this woman,

              ‘I MUST HELP THIS WOMAN,

      She is none other than the same lecturer. She suddenly turned towards me and asked me where to go for the toilet  in English language.  All my doubts vanished about her identity, and I knew that she is the one, for whom we were praying for.

        I called one woman by name and told her to go with the woman to the toilet.  I  called her husband, VenkataRao from the men’s side,  I told him to call two brothers,Elisha Rao and Krupakar Rao, to come down to help us.

            Meanwhile I quickly took the Bible of the woman and looked into it, its English Bible  with her name on one corner of the Book. It’s her name. I knew at once the hand of God, now it’s our duty to protect her and give her back to her husband.   I too went down near the toilets, by the time she came out, her disposition completely changed, she was looking at us suspiciously,  and tried to escape from us and run away,  but our strong brothers were at the gate guarding  her, from running out. I took her hand in mine and took her upstairs to the place where we sat. During the service she kept quiet, once the church service was over, she started to run away like lightning, and no one could stop her. She ran to the road, biting the arm of Br. Elisha Rao who tried to stop her running out of the compound.  Our brothers and my husband on scooters followed her but she was running so fast, and lastly outwitted them and could not be found by them.

         It took almost two hours, and disappointed, my husband came home.  We had our lunch. At about 4 pm those brothers were not leaving their chase  and brought her when somebody told them she was hiding behind some water  tap post in a street.

        Meanwhile we informed her in Hq and to her husband. He said he started his journey to our place to fetch her back.

        When she was not willing to come with the brothers,  I advised them to give a police complaint and take her to the Police station and keep her there till her husband comes. Because I knew the Police SI my husband and I went to the police station and begged him to keep the woman in the control room for a while, giving the information to him about the woman. The SI was junior to my dad when he was in service and a good friend of my dad. He was a christian, and so he understood the situation quickly and agreed to keep the woman in a cell till her husband came to take her.

          But by 10 pm  a police constable came to our home and told us that they could not keep ‘women’ in the police station at night. therefore we have to come and take her back with us.  She behaved very politely in the police station, very strange of her.

          Where to bring her? Nobody dared enough to take her in. I told my husband, ‘bring her to our home, I will take care of her”  So he, with the help of other brothers, went to the station and brought her home.  My husband and I stayed awake for a long time with her.  My little children were to be taken care of too. My husband was too tired by 2 am.

         So I told him I will be with her, the rest of the night. So he went to sleep with the children as I insisted that he should. She kept on talking to me the whole night. The atmosphere was so eeri  she told me many of her tales of vagabondism.. There was not much connection in her conversation,  by morning her husband came home.  He was very grateful to us and thanked us for the way we took care of her.

          I told him,“Brother, we have not done anything great, it’s our duty to do so, you are like  my own brother, the blood of Jesus bound us together, consider me as your own sister, won’t we do the same when we are related as sister and brother?”

              Later  after a few years I met him, actually I forgot what I told him that time, but he reminded me of the above words I spoke to him, then  remembered it.  He came all the way from Bangalore to console me in my deep distress and loss of my husband in 2000.

        Now still she is staying in the home. her elder daughter became my good friend later, she invited me for her marriage.  Even today the same bond between us is sustaining, though we do not talk much or write to one another or meet.

           Recently when my heathen relations were in trouble, this brother agreed to go to them and pray for them.  Yesterday also my relative attempted to commit suicide she was in the hospital, when they asked him to come and pray he accepted to go and pray for them.  Now that girl is all right. Power of prayer is astonishing, you will never know the result of prayer, it is beyond what you think, or imagine. Great things happen and the sequence of the things would be so astonishing to understand.

( You might be wondering how come a woman , like me, is  dare enough to deal with evil possessed people.  For every incident that happens in our lives, there would be some meaning and reason in it. When we are the children of God nothing will happen to us without His permission, You remember that Jesus promised us not even one single hair will fall from our head without His permission.  God brings us to the situation where we can learn of Him much more. While going through the process we may not understand why it was happening to us. But God knew why we were put in that situation.  I recorded my personal encounter with the Evil one, and How God taught me to be victorious in His name.)

 There is power Power 

wonder working Power                                                                             In the BLOOD OF THE LAMB                                                                                                                              In the precious BLOOD of the Lamb                                                                                                                Would you o’ver evil a victory win?  There is power in the Blood

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Hello All! I am a retired Lecturer, Former Air Hostesses, and a writer. I love to share MY STORIES, WITH MY GOD.

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