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At the age of 4 years I used to dream that I was playing with, walking on, and even eating the white clouds, at times. I used to gaze into the blue sky and white fluffy clouds for long hours on our terrace. They were fascinating me very much. I used to imagine many pictures in those clouds and enjoy my lonely hours, because there were no siblings born at that time. I wished to go up there and touch those mysterious white clouds.


One time my dad called a worker who makes the cotton in the mattresses fluffy by spinning the cotton, by his spindle, a slender rounded rod with tapered ends used in hand spinning to twist and wind a mass of cotton or wool or flax held on a distaff. We used to call him ‘dhoodhiekulavadu’.{Cotton Spinning person} So one day he started to work in our corridor, repairing the cotton from our old mattresses.


I was sitting on a big cot, a little apart from him and observing him very keenly, the cotton was becoming white and fluffy and very soft in his hands, it looked like the actual clouds for which I had great craze to touch. I imagined that the clouds have literally fallen down on our corridor for me to touch and walk upon. Seeing my keen observation and curiosity the spinning wallah must have suspected the mischievous thoughts of mine, which I myself did not frame them clearly. But his warning words ‘not to touch the cotton’ were actually framed words to my imagination in my mind which was there till then.


Why he warned me thrice not to touch the cotton and spoil it as he was about to go for lunch? He told me that he would come back within half an hour and asked me not to touch the cotton, and if I touch it or play with it, the cotton would become solid and tight again and would be spoiled and it would become ugly to look at, and all his toil of that morning would be wasted.

You see I still remember what he told me that afternoon in that corridor.

But as soon as he left the premises, I jumped on the heap of cotton, rolled on it and enjoyed the feel of it, to my heart’s content, imagining that I was floating in the sky among white clouds. Though all that flakes of cotton stuck to my face, legs and hands and my dress and made me look like buffoon I thoroughly enjoyed to my heart’s content. After he came seeing the ugly scene over there he murmured so much and mother scolded me too. But that soft heavenly experience I never could forget.

That was a funny incident, though; I still remember how cute it was to walk on the cloud. Now I experience sometimes the same way, I feel as if I was walking in clouds and floating on them, along with my God. This I feel when He gives me a promise and tells me His Will. When He answered my questions, I feel as if I am walking on the 9th cloud. Feel ecstasy which cannot be described in words.


One day our relatives came from our village, they were astonished at my resemblance of my father. They said, ‘Oh Leela is just look like her father, those big eyes, and every feature of her face, hey including that big nose.”

They giggled to the utmost. I was enjoying their presence so much because they brought so many eatable like Ariselu,( Andhra Cakes, Burrgunjulu, pongadalu, thegalu, etc. When they said that I have so many resemblances of my father, I felt very proud. But once they started to giggle at my nose, my heart dumped at once. It felt like an arrow pricked me. Immediately, I got up from that place. All my joy eating those eatables vanished at once.

I was just 4 years, I went to the room of my father bolted the door, and laid down on his big bed, and cried very bitterly without a sound. Then I saw the big portrait of Jesus Christ, above the Sofa on the wall. I looked at Him. I saw that His nose was very nice. I asked Him, “Jesus you have a very nice nose, why you have given me this big nose?”  I asked Him and slowly went into sleep while I was gazing at His comely face.

I had a dream then, Jesus Himself came and sat in the Sofa, just as He was in the portrait, same dress face etc. He smiled at me. At once the inner agony was vanished. I was looking at Him without batting eye, very happily.  Then my mom was banging the door not knowing what I was doing inside. (She always disturbs my sweet dreams, you know, Bless her!) My dream vanished at once so was my anguish of my heart about my big nose.

I was 9 years old I was sleeping in my dad’s room on a small cot.  I had a dream.  There was a great Rainbow in the sky which was very blue. The rainbow was in its 7 colours bright and bewitching to look at. Suddenly from the middle of the Rainbow a ladder came down where I stood on the earth which was decorated with so many green leaves and red roses from sky to the earth. I saw Jesus Christ on top of the ladder, He came down on the steps of the Rainbow, unto me and opened my right fist and kept a round crystal box and closed my fist.

—At that very moment my mother came into my room and forcefully wake me up saying, ”Leela, it’s time to go to school, get up get up” But I still remember how I cried for that crystal box, “Oh my crystal box, my box, my box” But she did not heed my cry, and forcefully took me to bathroom to brush my teeth. Then I realized that it was only a dream, not real. But that dream made my soul thirsty for His love. –

I never heard the name of Jacob the Patriarch at that age.   But I had dream just like his.  Later when I was 23 years old when I read that story in the Bible, I was amazed. I Praised God. He had given the cup of salvation to me. I lifted up the cup of Salvation and praised the Lord’s name for saving me. Ps 116:13


“A Wonderful Saviour is Jesus my Lord- a Wonderful Saviour to me.  He hideth my soul in the cleft of the rock where rivers of pleasure I see./ He hideth my soul in the cleft of the rock –that shadows a dry, thirsty land- he hideth my soul in the depths of His love And covers me there with His hand (2)–

When clothed in His brightness transported I rise: to meet Him in clouds  of  the sky -His perfect salvation His wonderful love I’ll shout with millions on high. ”—            Francy.G.Crosby









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