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 I was a thin, slim, wiry, girl, I was so thin that I remember, once I was standing in front of my house, in Guntur, a wild wind breezed and I  fell back into the  verendah behind.  Once I was travelling in a bus with a load of books in my   arms from University library, and there was a sudden break and I was out of control because I could not hold the rod tightly , and fell at the driver seat right in front of the glass.  I used to go to school by cycling, but I was so weak by the time I reached my destination I was utterly tired.  I was suffering from bronchitis in my UG and PG. My dad  was  worried of my ill health, he got a doctor to give me very costly injection on every alternate day.  I lost the appetite and did not like to eat at all. I was fond of the smell of Petrol and I used to take a cotton ball and dip it into the petrol available  in my home, and used to sniff it secretly in my bed.  I became like a skeleton, Once I tried to kill my self, there was no specific reason , I went to a temple on a hill near Guntur, the idol on the temple wants jaggery boiled in water, so they pour that  boiled jaggery water ( Bellam Panakam) all through the steps to climb the temple and also on the idol Panakeswara, I went there along with some friends who were co-tenants. I saw them worshipping that idol, I too tried to imitate them, but could not soon after that act, I felt terribly depressed, sat alone on a bench under an yellow flowered tree, called patcha ganneru.  Previously I heard somebody that people commit suicide by eating the fruit of that tree. I lifted my head and saw the fruits, I just plucked the fruit and ate one fruit.  it was very bitter but still I ate and swallowed it . While coming back I felt giddy and almost swooned, somehow they brought me  home. Later I had great pain in  my abdoman, had number of vomitings, andsuffered gush of blood unceasingly coming out of vegina ,mother and I thought it was monthly menstrual flow, but it was more than that like in aborted uterus, I could not bear it,  it was terrible flow. It lasted for ten days, I became very weak, and could not revive from it for many years. I became a sickly person and confused person.

                                            Later I wanted to have some help to take revenge on someone who ruined our family.  I sought the help of Evil spirit by name Banaamathi, I wanted to go to that village and learn witchcraft in agency areas of Vizayanagaram. to take revenge on that person.  I wrote letter to my uncle, to accompany me to go to that place after my semester exams of PG. He assured me of his assistance in every way possible, as he himself was staunch believer of a man possessed by devil, Mummidivaram Balayogi. So we both planned everything to practice it in the month of April 1974.  But the Lord had other plans, He wanted some one to pray for me.  In 1973 May I was writing Final Year B.A Exams , my dad wanted me to get married. But I told him that I do not want to marry until I finish my PG and get a job. I do not know why I said so, but it was the Lord’s doing.  There were two medicos  in Kakinada by name Dr. Lalitha Aasirvadham ,a Srilankarian, and Dr. Mercy  sister of my class mate Miriyam ( Guntur), who were continuously paying for my salvation since the minute they were acquainted with me. They were studying in Rangaraya Medical College Kakinada which was behind our Police Inspectors Bunglow, where we resided. They called me to their room in Ladies Hostel to pray . Because they met me in a church to which I went only once on request of my senior in College Margaret. and a lecturer Swarnalatha.  These two faithful souls were praying for me and the Lord intervened miraculously into my confused life in March 1974 just prior to  my visit to learn witchcraft.  The Lord came into my life in the month of March 1974 due to the sincere prayer of these two medicos, who met me again in Vizag during the yielding and surrendering of my life to The Savior.                                   

                    At that time I prayed for strength of my body. The Lord spoke to me through the verse Nehemiah 8:10    “….for the joy of the Lord is your strength.”   Then I started to rejoice while singing or praying or reading the Bible, alone with Him. I learned to enjoy and rejoice in the congregation while listening to the Word of God.  Thus I became very healthy. Later due to hormonal changes and lethargy, negligence of my own self care, I became fatty.  Trying to shed the extra pounds but finding it very difficult at this +65 years because of my  knee pains.  But I know nothing impossible if we seek the glory of God.

  I am smiling while typing this. Smile with me my dear readers.


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Hello All! I am a retired Lecturer, Former Air Hostesses, and a writer. I love to share MY STORIES, WITH MY GOD.

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