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who me…(continued…)


who me…(continued…)

And I come to know that this bonding love is all that matter whether we are in Him or not.
That was the time I was challenged by the scriptures when Jesus asked Peter thrice.”Peter/Leela do you love me?”..and I answered Him ‘Yes Lord, you know that I love you and i felt that Air India International Airlines where i was working as Air hostess was the “ISAAC” on the mountain of Moriaband God has given me a ‘LAMB’ right back at home.I started to work in Degree college since them.
Life seemed to be wonderful for quiet a time. We got married, started a church , and engaged working in His Vineyard for 25 years. suddenly all that came to stand still. My husband was called by Him and he was obedient to His call unto death and left us in seconds, to dwell in Heavenly Abode. And I was left with two teenage children.
Yet I could say..Life is beautiful and everything work for them who love Him. My daughter,an engineer by qualification got married and have one year daughter and lives in North Carolina and my son is doing his MS in Melbourne, Australia.
Am I lonely felcon ? oh na.. i call myself a GREEN LEAF IN DROUGHT TIME by the grace of God, do u know the difference between a person who relies only on himself and a person who has learned to turn to god for help? Its not that one will do bad things while the toher will do good things. The self-relient person my bea fine, upstanding person. The difference is the self-relient one is like a bush growing inthe desrt. If he has only himself to rely on, when he exhausts his internal resources he runs the risk of running day and withering. But the one who turns toGod is like a tree planted by a stream. What they share witht eh world is replenished from a source beyond themselves, so they never run dry.
yes, I feel so when I among people who love God.David said , my heart fails, my flesh fails, my kith &kind and riches fail, but YOUR love never fail me. so in my life now–Life is not so easy at times, but when i think back His faithfulness, His wondrous love, His miracles in my life,i get new strength, and i allwasy find manythings topraise HIM. Today your church has been electrified with angelic songs. singing is worhipping God, its praising Him, and Thanking Him.
i believe my stay over here would give me a great opportunity to praise Him much and much more ..along with you beautiful people of God.
I once again thank you for the opportune time to share my feelings with you. Thanks once again.

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Hello All! I am a retired Lecturer, Former Air Hostesses, and a writer. I love to share MY STORIES, WITH MY GOD.

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