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With Christ in the Vessel

GTCM telugu Like a pillar in the storm.

With Christ-In the vessel                                                                                                    Romans 8:35 -39

Who shall separate us from the love of Christ? Shall trouble or hardship,or persecution or famine or nakedness, or danger or sword?

F0r your sake we face death all day long. We are considered as sheep to be slaughtered.

No in all these things we are more than conquerors through  Him who loved us . For I am convinced that neither death or life; neither angels or demons; neither present nor future nor any powers, neither height or dept, not anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord.”

Trouble or hardship,or persecution or famine or nakedness, or danger or sword; neither death nor life; neither angels or demons; neither present nor future nor any powers, neither height nor depth, not anything else in all creation—can any one of these or all of these separate us from the Love of God in Jesus?–That is the question

In this list ‘ Find the odd man out’ is even angels are added, all this list of troubles may come upon us in a second to make us to be separated from Christ. In that case , can these separate us? — Our answer is a definite big NO. Nothing can separate me from my savior,  nothing can stop me from loving Him”–That is the answer.

Paul said so, and he lived to that. In fct he added another list adding to the above list in 2 Corinthians 11:23-27, and answered that none of these can separate him from the love of Christ. Thus he shouted from the depths of his soul, and if anybody ask him why do you love Christ so very much, he was ever ready with the answer ,  because He has given abundant victory over all these troubles.

When such Victorious Lord is with us, what of this list of troubles will do to us? Even if the storm of these troubles may come and drown us into the depths of the sea of life, everything that we love and everything around us which we love may lost into the Tsunami of life, we still can stand firm on our ground and standing straight while hoisting the flag of Victory without any fear.  39 verse. We knew that all these things could not separate us from the Love of Christ.

The name of Christ is like nectar, though we did not taste it, we have seen how majestic it is, though we did not see it but we experienced it. All these beautiful feelings mixed up into our life and intertwined into the threads of the fabric of our lives. and thereby we are completely swooned into His bosom of love.

Because of this love though we have to face many hurdles, obstacles, problems, even cheated by angels itself, we stand still at our post having the flag of victory right at the top of the pole in our hands. “In Christ is the Victory” is written on our banner flying atop of our lives.

But when I tried to understand it in deep and reality of the truth, tears drowned me into the depths of sorrow. To love is one aspect, to be loved is another aspect, and to love and to be loved is the highest form of LOVE. And in case if anybody tell us that they loved us the utmost, before even we tried to love that person. and if they offer their life even unto the death of themselves to save us; even our hearts, however hard core they are would melt and become soft to be molded into His liking.( this is not like the roadside romeo’s love)

It is from a person of the highest rank, highly positioned, the most richest person, a royal prince, comes forward, expresses His love to me first; and get down from His highest throne, and bent down to pick me up; while I was with wounds and sores of blood and pus, which were licking by the dogs, folded in dirty smelly rags rolling in the swamp of bloody entrails as the flies feasting on me as i was crying pathetically on heaps of dung.(Ezekiel 6:4-7)

He is the most handsome among thousands, royal King, came down from His majestic golden chariot, bent down and picked me up. Holding me in His arms looking lovingly into my dirty face and smiled and said, “My Beloved”, My Malacah” (Hebrew meaning ‘Queen’)  I love you with utmost love. I clean you with my blood, as white as snow, and I adorn you with clothes of bright shining , and make you my princess by adorning the royal ornaments and with the crown of diamonds, you are the most beautiful girl in the world, I give you all that I have. You are mine, you belong to me” ( Song of Songs 8:1 )When I heard His voice of love Him, I bent down to kiss His feet wept and wiped His feet with my tears and hair, and I could not lift my eyes unto Him. (Luke 7:37.38)

He anointed me with perfumes and adorned me with the crown on my head and it has a name on it, ‘Victory in Jesus’- ( Ezekiel 6:8-14) lifted my lowly face,looked into my eyes, and took me to His bosom and said, lovingly ,”I love you my Princess”.Can’t I give my life to such Loving King of Kings, Can’t I give my life to Him? (Song of Songs 5:10)

What stops such love, what obstructs such love, what hurdles such love? Who or what can stop me from loving Him? I along with Paul shout aloud, by hitting the table of my heart, “Who can stop me from loving You my Lord, my God?–

Yet when I ponder over the tortures faced by the apostles for His name sake in the Holy Scriptures, and when I remember the tribulations experienced by righteous patriarch Job , I looked into my heart.

Ofcourse now my religion walks in silver shoes, in luxury, and in comfort, love blossom very beautifully in comfy surroundings. But if have to flip into torture like them without food for months together in the dungeon, and into the den of lions, or into the furnace of fire, and has to suffer from disease while my bones are crushed under their feet, while the dogs lick my bleeding wounds, (Job 7:6) can I shout aloud,”Jesus Lover my soul !! I love You, and no one can stop me from loving You !!” ???  —Then Your answer , “Leela I love you even before you loved me, remember? When you were rolling in dirty and squalor, I loved you first and foremost” (John 4:19) Hearing that my heart is crushed into pieces, and I can not bear such love my Lord !!

While flipping the pages of  the book “Tortured for Christ” by Richard Wumbrand,at my tender age of 22 years, I knelt down in my room , all alone and cried aloud, visualising the torture they faced in my mind’s eye,my God!! I was completely shaken as a leaf in the storm, I was terrified, to think of such torture. Four decades passed away, even now when I think of that torture your servant faced, I tremble. The same prayer I prayed then echoes in my mind and in my shivering heart,even now,”Lord if I have to indulge into such torture and trails of terror, for the sake of Your name, Lord take me into Your bosom and protect me.”  Can I club my voice  along with my contemporary disciples of yours — “F0r your sake we face death all day long. We are considered as sheep to be slaughtered.”? You have given a spirit of praying as ‘Abba, Father’.But my brethren are being tortured and hanged, and murdered by hanging, burning, and by shooting, in Egypt, Iran,Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, our North Indian provinces, the remote villages in south India, Lord! But still they stand like a Pillar of Towers in the storms of torture. Still waving the banner ‘Victory In Jesus while dying for the love of Your wonderful name, Father !! Their testimony engulfed me in the storms of reality my Lord !!

The Other day I met a Christian from Egypt, I asked him, ‘What answer you would give to Christ haters in your place about your faith  and if they ask you ” Why you left their God” ? ”                                                            ‘ He said one straight answer without one second of hesitation,,” I tell them, “My God is Loving God, I can call Him Father.–We are Christians from two generations, we are treated as human beings in our society, we are not given jobs, we are secret christians, we gather in our homes on Friday secretly to read Bible and pray together. My cousin aged 22 years old got a job in an industry, they found out that he was a christian, asked him straight away, he answered them ‘Yes I am Christian, I love my Jesus” The next day his dead body was laid on the road next to our home. What they will do to us? They will behead us, that is all, right? I would not go back to my place, I came here to study and I enrolled in the University, my parents cannot leave the country, I do not know whether I would see them again or not. If I go back they will kill all of us.” I saw his face shining like an angel” 

I gave the word of God on John 28th chapter on Peter confronted by our Lord Jesus asking him, “Do you love me Peter?” Thrice He asked, while giving the message I felt the presence of God poured upon all of us. a few boys and girls and some elderly people came for a dinner arranged by my son in our home in Australia. After the sumptuous meal, while chit chatting I just asked him, “Peter do you love me” he got the point immediately and said “yes I do” and gave me the above testimony. I drwoned my self into deep thought, while looking at him and his other three friends who came from same place. What is my love for my Lord, in what way I can compare mine with this young boy’s love for the Savior? My life, my christianity, my stories of Bible, and my messages on His love and mine, in what way could be compared with theirs?

What type of message I could give to such loving people?  Theirs religion is the flow of fresh blood, its the true Christianity; mine is like licking the thrown away plates and gowling out of full stomach.They came to listen to the message on Christ, and they listened to it aptly, but what is my religion comparing to theirs? I prayed, “Lord I put my soul into their footsteps and ask You Lord give me strength to face anything for your sake, as they do my Lord”

His FAITH is intact even though, recently his much loved cousin, aged 22 years was beheaded by the fanatics in his place. I praised God for His loving work in the lives of these wonderful believers,though their faith and life is at stake every minute. They  are undaunted in their christian life. Can’t we just trust this loving father in our trivial matters of life issues?)

After they left us, I went into my room, I prostrated at His feet, and understood how useless is my religion , my devotion, my testimony, my teachings, my preachings, my writings, were visible in the bright light of His countenance and I felt like a worm crawled into round shape.

Walking more than forty years with my Lord, but if rumours engulfs me, and the sharp knife put on my neck to cut, or gun me down, I am ready to die for Him, but poking me with swords, rods and sharp weapons, making me bleeding but never allowing me to die, or putting me on Cross as they did to my Lord,  can I sustain all that torture for my Lord? Can I say loudly all these cannot stop me from loving my Lord?

Again I brood over myself and my devotion, I am so fragile, even for heat waves in summer I fall down like a dried leaf, and can I press down my pangs of hunger for months together? I am so careful about pure water from Aquaguard, can I sustain if I am thrown on desert without water? I am so very wealing unless I have proper clothing according to the seasonal climate, I fell down if I do not have proper sleep in proper AC rooms, if otherwise I get sever headache and swoon almost. if I hear any one word of insult or humiliation weep out tons by partying self pity–how can I say that I am ready as the sheep ready to be slayed for His name sake?

What is my life? What sort of life I lead? Where is my linchpin? Where is my existence? While the storms of life engulfs me can I stand erect like a pillar to hoist a flag of victory written, “My Love is for You” ?

Tsunami, floods, storms encompasses, surrounded the little boat of Jesus and His disciples. But my Lord was sleeping on the deck of the boat (Matthew 8:22-27) Am I there in the boat along with His disciples?

Even when the Tribulation, and wild animals may attack me (Job5:22) can I say strongly, bravely that, “Lord,
“ all these things we are more than conquerors through Him who loved us”?  ( Romans 8:37) 

Lord give me strength to stand fight for the sake of honesty, integrity, and for faith in You, till the end of my last breath ,My Savior !!

There is terrible torture in the world in the name of religion, help me to be a torch without grumbling among the wicked and crooked people. Help me to be only the Bible they could read when they hate you, My Father! Give me forbearance towards worries, and insults, Lord during the previous years, You helped me to go through the little tests in life, and gave me victory, You being my bride, walked with me all through. I love you and kiss you and stay as your bride till the end, that is my deep desire !! ( Song of Songs 3:4)


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Hello All! I am a retired Lecturer, Former Air Hostesses, and a writer. I love to share MY STORIES, WITH MY GOD.

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