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Woman Thou art Fragile !!!

  Woman Thou art Fragile !!!


 Ahab told Jazebel everything. ( 1 kings 19:1)  A very strange  character , a peculiar personality, only man in whole Bible who slaved to  his wife, and led by dominated wife. Being a king, he often retreat to the inner rooms  of palace to chit chat with his wife, pouring out all his feelings, fears, and affairs of the kingdom. No wonder the wife took the lead in every matter. A spineless man, ruling kingdom only by name sake. He did not have an inner circle of ministers as other kings did, or trust in the Lord as David did . A hopeless, miserable earthworm man.

Elijah the great prophet of God was in his kingdom, but Ahab never yielded to the Godly advice of the man of God. He took part in ungodly, unspiritual ways of his wife. He pleased his wife even unto idol worship and the evil circle of prophets who worship Baal.  Hating man of God–is the prime characteristic of this evil queen Jezebel. Hating children of God, being jealous about their mighty deeds for God is the indelible mark of their evil Personality. They just took sides of ungodly party. Top of it, she was very religious, obeying or using the names of idols she worshiping. She was zealous and sincere in doing  rituals to the idols.

She represent the modern ‘left wing,’ fanatic political ruling parties. As result she wanted to kill all those who love God and worship Him. She wanted to finish with God, and Godly man. Bible speaks of Jezebel Spirit, in Revelation God points out a(Revelation 2:20) Church that they are pampering people  who hate the deeds of Holy God.  Hating the man of God represents the Spirit of Jezebel . Her ruling rod is up against every man of God. . She was the one who supposed to take decisions of ruling party- But as the king is just a puppet and  spineless man. his wife jezebel took charge of the kingdom. Bible speaks against such women leaders, in the church, who play dominant role in church matters in the church ; Paul instructs, ‘better women sit at home and learn from their husbands and should not become a dominant public figure to exercise authority over men.’ Women should remain silent in the churches. They are not allowed to speak, bt must be in submission, as the law says. 1 Cor 14;34.

I wonder why the 1st century A.D church leaders were so much annoyed with women in their churches. Even if  men leaders show unnecessary authority over church members its not good either  for that matter. where was the mother of Jesus , Mary, and the first christian to whom the resurrected Christ revealed Himself at the tomb, Mary Magdalene? where were these women in the early church? were they silenced too like this by the men leaders?

Women is always considered as a weaker vessel, keeping this in mind she is supposed to mould up her active role in the kingdom of God, behind the curtains in the opinion of men leaders.  Bringing up children in Godly ways, taking care of the folks of the church by serving in humility, feeding them with the word of God when they approach her for her Godly advice was considered the only roles given to her. she was not supposed to take up the administration of the church and take the pulpit to preach even she is a prophetess like the daughters of Philip. That was the rule of the day. she had no role to play intelligently, all by herself, independently. she was often reminded that her great great grand mother Eve was useless, docile to be cheated, and evil type, and warned even the 21st century ladies to be docile and voiceless. If we take those scriptures as the only rule forever, why women are working equally along with their husbands to earn? She should betaken care by the man and feed the whole family by his sweat. But now a days women work equally with men, earn, andalos take care of the whole family just like the women in those days. Hereducation her talents only made her to take up double responsibility. Men want brides only those who work and earn. but they do not want their wives to take active part in church. The elders’ wives never come to women’s meeting even.

In present day modern feminism, and fight for feministic right scenario,  asking a women to stay behind the curtains look like axing the human rights. There are separate rights for children, old, invalid as well as women, because they are often fall victims to man’s oppression. Does it mean that they are supposed to go forego their rights in the affairs of the physical world.

Of course they are equals with men; but not same as they are, her body is feminine, weak, vulnerable, and prone to be attacked.  God ordained an order in the world. Who to rule and who to obey. The history gives us the conquering role of man’s outrageous adventures.  Then where lies the problem? The problem is with the man, if he behaves as a woman, by not taking leading role, certain women like Jezebel take the man’s role in ruling the house and kingdom or the church. If the man shows himself as stupid and cowardice as Ahab, women like Jezebel take the reigns of the kingdom or church to rule and play a dominant role behind the nominated king or pastor. And such women hates the statutes of God. Such women play the puppet show of their husband in public, the man , the so called head f the family becomes a miserable figure.  If  God called a woman where the husband is useess, spineless, and worldly type not interested in the Kingdom f God what should be the role of the woman who loves God and wants to work for God? should be sitting in  corner and waste her whole life, just because she was tied with an unequal yoke with an unbeliever husband? or Useless husband who never cared for the things of God?  If both of the couple want to serve the Lord , it is the most beautiful sight in the eyes of the Lord. There are preachers, and teachers in the church,many a times women befit to be a teacher rather than a preacher on pulpit.

A man confides the affairs of the kingdom to his wife, and the wife taking charge of the kingdom, hating Man of God is spectacular evil picture show in this verse 1 King 19:1,2 .Do not trust a neighbor; put no confidence in a friend. Even with the woman who lies in your embrace guard the words of your lips. Micah 7:5   Does it mean the man should not discuss church matters .with his wife? Then how can they both pray in one spirit and soul?  This entirely a different aspect of Woman’s role in the church. She is the most Valuable Ruby in the church–

The real story drama written by Bernard Shaw,     St. Joan ends with an epilogue in which a discussion takes place about the legacy of Joan on this earth. A teenage girl proclaims her visions and dreams come from God and led the army to fight the battle of God just, as Deborah the prophetess.

She was executed and burnt to death by a stake in public. but in 1920 she was recognised as saint . The ending is entirely a great difference. A  martyr, a girl presented as a saint. great tragedy turns into  a great comedy at the end.

From realism to surrealism ; she being a teenage girl lived like a lion, and lived like a lion even after her death. such great effect she left to the world. We admire and praise her courage in the name of God. We awe at her wisdom and encouraging speeches, but if she were to come back to life today, she would just be executed  by burning her alive on stake, all over again.

This is man’s world, a girl in outfit of man and taking the role of man will be killed, executed, she may be flattered or praised later  that she is a Devi, Goddess or Saint after her death. Yes, this is man’s world . There by Bible warns the women, be careful be in your limits, you are weak companion to your male companion, you cannot lead a life like the teen aged soldier outfitted Joan; if we choose to live like her, the men see the end of us.

Does God show partiality? Does He like the man to oppress the oppressed? Why Paul who proclaims that he had the revelation from God about the administration of the Grace says, that woman is supposed to subjective to the man, asks her not to take part headship in the church?  The origin of the story goes back right to the forbidden fruit chosen by Eve. She had been cursed since then, He says that she has the instinct of ruling over the man, as Eve did, which leads to disaster. Then Why God chose Joan to give his message to the army of soldiers and to King charles another cowardice, timid king?   . If He chose a woman to proclaim His word, His instructions, who are we to command Him not to do so?

If a teen aged boy took the role of Joan he would had been admired as child prodigy, but as she was a girl she was not welcomed into the man’s world. Eve is mirrored in the lives of women, they are downrated and oppressed but women like Jezebel misuse the freedom given by hook or crook over over again. In the epilogue of St. Joan, the characters praise Joan after they find out she had been canonized (1920) She then exclaimes in thar dreary situation seeing the same people who shouted for her death , praising her now,and she says, ” Awe shucks, does this mean I should come to Earth as a living person?”  strangely enough every one shouts, “uhh, NO, no not so much, don’t want”—and they disappear from the scene. When Joan left alone in a pool of light asking, God,” O God that madest this beautiful earth, when will it be ready to receive thy Saints?”

Wo– Man (woman!) Thou art too fragile to handle you, and know ye that you should be careful to live in Man’s World such as this, where the curse still over rules the spheres of creation, until the blood of Christ cleanse you over all. Be away from the evil eye of man, cover thy face because he is wicked and cruel to throw the arrow into your tender heart. Your talents, your skill be limited and seek the acceptance of your Lord, He loves your charm, my fair lady.

Other wise you be ready to face the insults, humiliation from the hands of men, and you will be a martyr as Joan. But Jezebel, is a icon of warning, If we some of us chose this tough role to show the world that husband is useless and you are great in ruling the church while he is still alive; the end would be not less than martyr like Joan or assassinated ruthlessly like Jezebel, 2 Kings 9:30  trampled underfoot, only skull and feet and palms of Jezebel’s hands  left out, dogs ate her flesh 2 Kings 9:30-37 loathfully as God Himself would leave you and your cunning ways of oppressing the poor.

Ahab a lonely man? Elijah experience this utter lonesomeness, just as John the Baptist in New Testament? What is the difference between Ahab and these God’s prophets?

Feelings of loneliness is known to every one at times . This could be of different shades. being alone physically, yet enjoying it; living among many yet despaired in loneliness as her or his existence is among wrong type of people. The sick, old, invalid suffer from bouts of loneliness.

Ahab was a lonely man, no friends, no administrators, no advisors, no association with any one else literally, but his demanding commanding, exploiting, manipulating wife Jezebel.  This ma is very mean and meek utterly hopeless case, timid, and useless. For name sake he is king but the actual ruler was his wife Jezebel.  She was the commander-in-chief, both at home or in ruling the kingdom. She took the reigns of administration and oppressed people by her venomous slyplots, she had an answer for every problem, either spiritual,  physical,or material, in fact she had a great following on her FaceBook the evil prophets of Baal.  She was blessed by the Mammon, and Luck goddesses all through her dealings. People often get amazed by the way she deals with every mater.   Such people buy lands, by squeezing or devouring the houses of the widows, jealousy, and cruel ways of her makes her a notorious woman in the history and in her own circles. (Naboth owned a plot on the eastern slope of the hill of Jezreel, south west of the sea of Galilee.Ahab had a greedy heart, he hates the 10th commandment, he desires the property of the others, he envisions, and dreams to devour the property of the neighbours, and his own kith and kin. He had a hungry mouth to swallow any thing and everything he desires. His wife finds this a great advantage to implement her adventurous plots to grab from others, by false witness, by hiding documents, by pretending she lacked anything –So they demanded Naboth to give away his inheritance to plant a vegetable garden in the vineyard..great, the Vineyard, a garden for God and God’s work after all. But he refused saying it was his inheritance from his father(    ) Therefore as usual this earthworm king is an expert in doing evil things , adventurous as his wife, in fact they are made for each other, (1 kings 19: 30) 1 Kings 21:25) 21:4) This good for nothing earthworm stopped to eat or drink and lied down on his coach .. Jezebel all ways find a great adventure in the wiles of her husband, to show herself how clever in dealing with matters and issues of the administration of the kingdom. she found him in a dark room of plotted to kill Naboth by ock trail and told her husband to possesses the Vineyard.  He is spineless yet wicked. a strange bipolaris man,  strange combination of personality.  His life in nutshell is written in one sentence  A fool like Ahab was not before him or after him 1 King 21:25

Elijah, Prophet exhibits the same personality as of Ahab, he too an adventurous man, but for God, not out of greed like Ahab; yet he too suffered by the bounts of loneliness and feared to the utmost. This is common among the heroes of faith,Adam,Abraham, Joshua, Jacob,  Moses, Jacob, Jonah David,  John the Baptist, and many others. They with God showed the world what courageous spirit they had, yet, when  they were alone they found this loneliness too much to bear, Remember they were praying people, here we hover over only two men Elijah and John the Baptist. Though they were the warriors of God, they too were confused and bewildered.  John was confused about his mission, vision, his call from God, about his very own proclamations, he sent to two of his disciples to Jesus to enquire whether he was really the Messiah whom he proclaimed to the world , as “Behold the Lamb of God” / or should they wait for another one. In his loneliness, in his dark dungeon ,naked, and shivering and sweating he was terrified, for what cause he was striving for, whether his message from God truly pointed the Messiah in Jesus?  Therefore he sent his disciples to confirm his call.

Elijah was too afraid of Jezebel ( 1 Kings 19:1-12 ) to afraid that he wanted to die 1 kings 19:3-4)  aman of God who prayed that the rain should not come for three years, and again prayed for the rain to shower, ( James 5:17,18  ) A man of courage, who showed Jezebel that God is a mighty God by requesting the fire from heaven on the hill of Carmel, and challenged the evil prophets of Baal, to find who is the real and living God. went in search of lonely place running from Jezebel the hater of Living God. In fact , now he was praying God for DEATH.. a death wish haunted him What happened to this mighty man of God?  He was oppressed by the bounts of depression, despair, tiredness (of prayer? too?)  fear overwhelmed him after that great victory on the Carmel mountain.

suicide or murder? one of these take place when one is in deep depression even though they are very successful in other spheres of life. The devil aims for the soul of man in sundry ways, in umpteen times, it would never never tired of throwing arrows to seize the soul of man.

We too are experience this vile of satan in our lives, but we are blessed, our Lord jesus Christ intercedes for us sitting on the right side of Father God, he shed his precious blood to redeem us from such wicked arrows of the devil.  We are given grace to call Him, Abba, Father, and have victory over our past, present and future.  Oh victory in Jesus, my Saviour forever , he sought me and bought me in His redeeming blood !!   I am proud, proud in the Cross, for He has taken away all my fears of present, all guilt of the past and all insecurity of the future.  he has given PEACE beyond understanding and HOPE for the life after this life in Him.  He is mine and I am His, His banner over me is LOVE.

Halleluiah !!! Praise The Lord !!!

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