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Speech I gave in the meeting YUVA BHERI, — the copy is given to Jagan Mohan Reddy

The book Freedom at Midnight..gives us the beautiful story of  Freedom to India, the Independence Rajya.. But the decision taken in the Mid night again gave us the divided Andhra, two pieces  of the land where we were proud to live. We cried , shouted, objected and tried to voice our disapproval for dimension. None of us suspected that we loose Hyderabad. 
Then Prime Minister Dr, Manmohan Singh ORALLY  promised that AP will get Special Status. And in the middle of the night Mr. Chidhambaram announced that Andhra was divided  What we did not ask for was given to us without our consent, what we asked for was taken away from us. Who did not ask for divided, AP  and we asked for Spl Status. ..It look like we are under the cruel authority, That is all, nothing to be done,  Where is Hyderabad? We are left with nothing, a new state, We lost it , We lost all revenue on it. The smart cyderabad city, we lost our capital. In fact without out consent we are left with nothing. where we need to build everything from the scrap. but yet, special status is declined. —-Funny even an illiterate person if he gives Rs.1000/- t another person he would take his signature on a paper or a document, or sought for surety from him. but our great intellectual leaders just forgot to take the promise of special status on paper and on legislation. 
Now, then government washed off, so are those promises. Those promises are written on water, and now are at the pool of water staring at the ripple of the promises, would emerge one day. The new government is saying that they d not know the promises of the past government in the center. 
those people who reject spl status to the AP have 101 reaons . Then how could the great and intelectual, economist past PM could promised it to andhra? what was his agenda?
We are muffs, we believe every one, everything, Andhrulu yokka aaramba surathwam , and we think we are great people, our do not exercise transparency, but still we keep staring at the ripples of promises on the water. 
Here is our young leader, the son of our most beloved YSR, wherever YSR was people trembled, adored him loved him at the same time. What was his power, what was his charisma? Now we have jagan garu, the strong Leader of opposing party, the only party for which the hearts of Telugu people looking up. whether welike it or not the special status is at the bay and the special package is imposed upon us, All ready our cm is welcoming it, andagreed for it. and ready to take the promised amount , our people are happily nodding their heads,and they are quiet contented too. 
At this juncture I take the liberty to tell you dear leader, “where there is no vision people perish, we have hope in you, we have hope in your visions, we have dreams in your leadership. you have machinery, you have power, you have support, you have finance to reach the people, to serve them. Can you be  SERVANT LEADER?  we are looking for such leader. A voice of the people . Avery few leaders has such strong weapons like Sakshi new paper, Saakshi new tB channel, should these be just another entertaining, advertising commercial machinery?
Why dont you use them as your watch dog, as whistle blower? why don you bring on the truthful news, facts of the politics, your vision, your plans, your commitment, the sacrifice of your family  It should be a watch dog over the Promised budget, released budget, implemented budget. hear after.for the welfare of the state.
why lnot you chalk out a cell/ or an unit, consisting of only truthful transparent honest leaders, A unit which works as a watch dog for the welfare of the state. A cell in which there are bribe haters, dowry haters, honest, committed members, , I appeal to you please get hold of such members, Loyal lawyers, honest social workers, good leaders, faithful workers.

You have only 2 1/2 years, love andhra people, serve them sir, What i means that you would not get the love of people by giving money, welfare projects, Now a days people sell themselves to other who ever give money or liquor. 
I tell you people have that desire for Truth, all ways, their hearts are seeking for truth. there is a void in the hearts of people. Three thread rope will not be broken, be constructive opponent leader, Make all these wonderful intellectual people to seek TRUTH, make them vigilant, sharp, intelligent.. to be watch dogs, over this special package. we have to save ourselves. People need honest leader, go with the facts, constructive criticism  appreciation of good works.
My dear leader remember  that UNITE WE BUILD THE NATION. DEVIDE WE PERISH, 
Then every town in this state would become a Hyderabad, and Cyberbad, 
God has given you a great heritage, you know behind every successful man there is a succeful woman, make use of your wonderful family, power you inherited from your father, Seek the truth and righteousness ,love to become a good leader. Do not trust money , it will cheat you, but serve them and they will love you. 


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